Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We are finally getting back into our daily routine around here. As you can tell from the photo above, Mili is getting back to her normal adventurous self. Today she has been going nonstop. Part of the day working on getting my shoes on and getting mad when things didn't quite go her way. Even with all her business today, Mili is working on getting back to her normal naptime and eating schedule. When we were at the beach things were all crazy and there was no schedule for anything.

I am missing the beach and the bayside view every morning. It is amazing to see all that God has created and how He wants us to enjoy it (instead of sitting in front of a television all day). Speaking of creation and the liking of it, hopefully Mili and I will soon get back on our routine of morning walks. The weather has been quite remarkable in the mornings here (70's). One of the nights (on vacation) out on the deck we were using blankets as we sat out in rocking chairs and enjoyed the lights shining on the wather and the sound of the fish jumping. Oh that reminds me.....we were able to see a group of dolphins at the beach. They came close enough to the beach to see them jumping out of the water. I am sorry, I keep going back to the beach. It shows how much I love it and wouldn't mind living there (we would get more company that way).

Mili has started doing such cute things these days. She will sit down with a book and open it (usually upside down) and act like she is reading it. She says some made up words and even laughs every now and then. Mili tried to trick me today. I asked her where her pacifier was and normally she knows where it is and goes to get it. Today she pointed to this bag she had been playing with. So I looked in there and she started laughing. I said "Mili there is no pacifier in here." She then pointed to another bag (all these bags are old purses or diaper bags because she has an obsession with zippers and they keep her busy). I looked in that bag as well to find nothing. Mili then walked over to where her pacifier was and picked it up and put it in her mouth as if she knew the whole time. It is cute now, but I am afraid that her (daddy's) sense of humor will not be so funny to me later when she is a bit bigger.

For those of you that have been praying about what ministry I should be doing here, I am getting closer to an answer and will share it with everyone when I am sure it is a go. Please keep praying for me to do what God wants and not what Alice wants.

Love to all!!!

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