Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Night Time Troubles

We have had two terrible nights with Mili and her strong-willed self. We normally put Mili to bed and she falls asleep by herself. Tonight and last night she has been crying (having a fit). Last night we thought maybe a stomach ache or teething. We gave her medicine. She still screamed and I finally decided to take her out of the bed and rock her back to sleep. She didn't want to sleep, she wanted to play. So back to bed she goes. I finally got her to calm down enough to fall asleep (after about an hour of crying off and on).

Tonight the same thing happened. I was not looking forward to this and I was trying to get some work done on the computer. Brian took care of most of it until Mili vomited all over the bed and floor and, of course, herself (sorry to all of you that have weak stomachs). I took Mili and cleaned her up, changed her diaper (which was dirty) and put on clean clothes. Brian stripped down the bed, sanitized it, cleaned the floor and got the bed ready for Mili again. I put her back in the bed and she fell right to sleep.

Brian and I have discussed what we think the issue is. We have to stop it now or it will get out of hand. We have been feeding Mili with us at the dinner table the last two days. The time we eat is later than her normal time to eat dinner. We think that she may not have enough time to digest her food and maybe has a bit of reflux or something. Tomorrow we will try to feed her at her regular time and see if things change. We also thought that maybe she is scared of the dark now. So we turned on a light (didn't help).

All you moms out there......I am willing to take suggestions from you all. Offer your wisdom please (that would be in a begging voice).

Sorry this entry had to be so negative but I am very frustrated. I know this too shall pass.

Love to all....Hugs and Kisses!


Shana said...

She's a bit too young to be afraid of the dark, although I think you pin-pointed that it is most likely the food schedule change.

Dawn said...

Alice if your sure Mili is not sick w/ something than your either right on w/ the food/acid reflux situation or was she possibly so worked up she was sick to her stomach (i say this cause 2 out of 3 of our boys have done this). We are going through a wake up in the middle of the night thing w/ Jacob and he only wants me to hold him and this has been going on since he got chicken pox almost 2 months ago. I know it's hard especially if their sick, but try not to get into the pattern of holding her to sleep, it's sooooo hard not to when they are crying and your little baby is sooo upset but it leads to trouble down the road! But I'm am positive you guys will get it worked out, goood luck and I hope she is not sick Love you guys!

Kamrin said...

One thing to know is how she is napping? If napping is also an issue, you might look into if she is teething,, or maybe coming down with a cold. Otherwise, this too shall pass. I hate it when my kids have cried so hard they threw up! Sorry for you!