Monday, August 07, 2006

Gotta Love That Pink Soccer Ball

As you can tell from the photo above, Mili still has quite a liking to the pink soccer ball. It was getting close to nap time when she laid down and grabbed her ball for comfort. She was laying on her side hugging it until she saw me with the camera (she is starting to be a camera ham....don't know why.....she never has a camera in her face). I made her go to bed so she wouldn't fall asleep in the floor.

Mili enjoyed church yesterday, even though she didn't have her normal teachers. Others are taking up the slack and teaching for the normal teachers so they can have two Sundays off. Brian taught the 5th graders and I taught the 3rd and 4th graders (24 kids). I was surprised that everything went so well. I had no problem out of any of the children and it didn't even seem that there were that many children in the room (It helped to have 3 helpers that were fantastic). I forgot how much I love teaching the children. I have to admit it gave me the bug again. It is that burning sensation inside that can't be put out (those of you that love to teach can understand what that feels like). We only have a few more weeks before we start our new church year (Sept. 3rd). I am still trying to figure out where God wants me. I love being able to free-up or lift a burden from people when they need me but yet I also miss teaching every Sunday and having that relationship with the children. The relationship that could change their eternal lives. Those of you that have been praying for me in this area, Thank you so much. Please don't stop yet. I am still working out the kinks.

Thanks to all the people who have clicked on the ads. Keep it up, it is adding up.

Not much else happening here. Can't wait to go to the beach on Thursday night for the weekend. It will be our first vacation since Mili was born.

Hope your day is great!!! Love to all !!!

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