Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mom, here are the pictures you wanted to see of Mili in her cute pink hat. She is becoming a ham when I bring out the camera these days (don't know why.....I don't take her picture a lot or anything). So Mom these are just for you. I LOVE YOU!!!

I must first apologize for not making an entry in a few days. We have been busy and I have been spending a lot of time in prayer to make sure I am doing the right thing with where God wants me to serve.

Saturday we had a stay-at-home family day. Lots of playing in the floor with Mili. What fun and joy she brings to our lives. That evening we went to get our bulk stuff for the month at Sam's. We had our cheap pizza date while we were there.

Today we had a potluck with our life group after church at Peter and Anna's house (one of the couples in our life group). There were so many kids there. Mili loved the attention she got from all the kiddos. She even got the attention from some of the boys. I think her big, blue eyes with long, flowing eyelashes just seem to draw people in. People can't keep their eyes off of her. If it sounds as if I am partial to Mili (the answer is YES!!!). She is ours and, of course, I have bragging rights.

It was so good to have so many people at the potluck (about 40 people). We have made some good friends from the church. We are well on our way to meeting more people and making more friendships. Brian and I took turns taking care of Mili so we could each socialize. It is tough now that she is so mobile and wants to open everything. It was easier to keep up with her while the kids had her occupied. They played ball with her for a while and we adults got to chat a bit. Beacause I stay at home with Mili, I do sometimes desire to have that adult, intellectual chat every now and then.

I have some news about the ministry God has for me to do at our church. In September I will start teaching the Middle Schoolers on Wednesday nights. I am so excited about this. The youth minister called me to ask me about the position and I prayed about it and felt at peace with it. It is amazing how God works things out. I am use to teaching children that I have known for most of their lives. I don't know many of these kids and need to get to know them so I will better teach them in the way that they can learn. Today at the potluck, I got to meet seven of the kids that will be in my class and this morning at church I also got to meet two others. I introduced myself to them and they seem to be as excited as I am about the class. I have already been working on games that will help me get to know them more intimately. Children do not trust people they do not know and I must teach them about me too, therefore, I will be playing the games as well. We have new sixth graders coming in to the class so I will try to make them feel welcome and help them get to know some of the other kids as well. It will be a challenge with more than twenty kids in this class on a regular basis. I can't wait. Please pray that I will be the leader and example the children need to see, but yet make it fun (no one likes a boring teacher). I will keep you all updated on how things go with the class.

Talking about boring. I think I have bored you all enough now and will go.

Hugs and Kisses to all!

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Dawn said...

Alice I am glad you have found where you feel God wants you to be, I think you'll be great. Mili is beautiful and it's no surprise the attention she gets, she is just gorgeous! So when are you going to try for another beautiful baby? Oh, and you could never bore us!! Have a great week