Monday, August 14, 2006

Beach Bums

If Brian and I had our choice about places to live, it would probably be on the beach. A place where we could wake up each morning and see a beautiful sunrise over the water. We were close to heaven these last couple of days. Our small group leaders (Brian and Wendy) from church invited our small group to the beach for a mini vacation. Sadly the other couple in our group already had plans that weekend so they were not able to join us. We also had some complications before the trip (not unusual for us). Wendy's brother-in-law had a severe hand injury and like any good sister, Wendy went and picked up her sisters children on the day we were suppose to leave. We did end up leaving the following day. We went to Wendy's grandmothers home (her grandmother was gone on a road trip with Wendy's mother). It is a mobile home on the bay and oh what a site. A big deck and a pier to walk out on the water. It was beautiful. Across the street was the beach. Talk about a great place to live. We enjoyed the deck in the mornings and the beach in the afternoon. Brian and Mili had there time early in the mornings with the birds outside. Mili would sign "bird" everytime she saw one flying over the water. This morning Mili didn't quite understand that that kind of luxury was no longer available (she signed bird to Brian when he got her out of her crib). She was sad to find out that there was no water and no birds to see this morning. The weather was amazing. Mili actually got a little chilly while taking a nap in her play pen on the beach. The breeze was awesome. We are used to going to Florida or Gulf Shores and the temperature is always smoldering.

Mili didn't like the sand at first but warmed up to it a little more after being there for a while. She still preferred to sit on the neatsheet under the umbrella with something to play with and watch the other kids play. Brian and Wendy have three children and so Mili has been quite fussy today because she is used to all the attention. The kids loved Mili and played with her the whole time we were there.

We could not ever afford the luxury we experienced this weekend. We are very thankful for the opportunity and Brian and Wendy will never know how much this meant to us. My Brian really needed this time and we enjoyed being together as a family for the first time on vacation (other than going home to Arkansas).

Mili is signing mommy in the last picture and I am all smiles.


dad said...


dad said...

hey the pics were great. I think they may be the best pics of the family you have ever made. love ya'll

Kamrin said...

Those are awesome photos!!!!!! I am glad you had such a great time!

Dawn said...

well, just like evryone else, those are beautiful pictures. Sounds and looks like you all had a great time, good for you guys!

Elizabeth Robinson said...

Hey it look's like you guy's had a good time at the bech.The pics are very good . Alice can you send me some more pics for your photo page's , those would be good from the bech.
We are doing good , we are working on getting a way for the weekend are self. We need a brake from every thing it sem's like every thing is closeing in on us .
Well I need to let you go for now. We love you very much and miss you guy's too.
Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson.

Shana said...

AMAZING photos! I was hoping you were off doing something fun and not sick w/the lack of posting going on!

You look fantastic, Alice!