Friday, August 04, 2006

Goofy Girl !

Look at this goofy little girl. Anything and everything she can find goes on her head. These are her bloomers if you can't tell (looks like a chef to me). These are the bloomers she normally wears under her dresses that don't have them. They have her name written in pink on them. The picture is probably too bright to see it.

Mili has been walking all over the place. Yesterday she started walking and she has walked a lot today as well. She still resorts back to crawling when walking doesn't get her there fast enough. Little impatient stinker (she gets that from her Aunt Aimee, my sister). Speaking of Aunt Aimee. Mili started saying Aimee this week and she says it sometimes nonstop for about 10 minutes at a time (I guess we can blame ourselves for that because we wanted her to say it so bad now we can't shut her up with it. Aunt Aimee is glowing though so I guess it is all good (except Aimee only has to listen to it when she is on the phone, the other time it is me and Brian who listens over and over). I guess I shouldn't complain because Isabella (my niece, Aimee's daughter) is saying Alice all day (she is 23 months). I would say we are even.

We are hoping to get some family time outside this weekend. It has been so hot here. Yesterday it was 102 with a heat index of 117. So needless to say we have been staying in under the fan (electricity bill was more than twice of last months bill...we are still using the AC but less of it). Instead of complaining about the bill I should be Thanking God for the AC and the fan. So "Thank You God for the AC and Fan." There are many that don't have them. The weather is suppose to be cooler this weekend (I can tell it already is today). It will be nice to get out of the house some.

Mili will be happy to go to church on Sunday. She has been asking to go (she missed last Sunday because she had a fever and we don't have Wednesday night services during the summer). Her sign for "church" looks the same as her sign for "work". She signed "work" yesterday and I said, "yes Daddy is at work." She then shook her head "NO" and signed again. I said do you want to go to church (she had signed something similar when Brian signed church to her one Sunday)? She shook her head "YES" and she just kept signing and jumping up and down. It is amazing how much she understands these days. We are having so much fun communicating with her. We are both so glad we chose to use sign language with her. We will continue teaching her after she learns to talk so she can talk with Grandpa Tommy and Grandma Margie without us interpreting for her.

Mili is napping now so I guess I better get to work. Love to all and hope your day is great!!!

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Kamrin said...

I LOVE baby sign!