Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Catching Up!

So Sorry to all of you that thought something must be wrong in our family since it has been so long since I posted an entry. We are all doing fine, so fine that I guess I didn't have time to blog. Since I took on the task of teaching middle school on Wednesday nights and helping during small group time for Sunday mornings, I have been spending a lot of time studying for both lessons every week.

Two weeks ago I went to an all day crop (scrapbooking) at church. I love to go to these because I get a break from all the responsibilities of motherhood and Brian and Mili get time alone. It also gives me a chance to develop relationships with women of all ages. The best part is preserving all our memories of Mili in her scrapbook. The pictures above are some of the newer pages I completed (the empty spaces are left for journaling). The two last pages are old but I think I completed them after our last visit home and don't know if my family has seen them yet.

Last week I broke my toe (I think, not sure what that feels like). It turned blue, purple, and eventually black. It is much better now and yesterday was our first time in a week to take a walk as a family again. We (Mili and I) normally take a walk every morning (weather permitting) and every evening (if not at church or bible study) we take a walk as a family. Brian is waking up early and working out every morning (six days a week). I am so proud of him. We are eating healthy in our house and it feels good.

Mili is learning all the motions to different songs. She is the cutest when she hears the first few notes of "Oh be careful little eyes what you see" she points to her eyes then her ears and then she stomps her feet (she forgets the hands part) this is all before the first word in the song. When the Zacchaeus song comes on she points down with both hands and then claps her hands. It is so cute how she loves music so much.

I am sure there is more to share but I am too tired to think of it right now. I hope to keep the blog more up to date now. Love, hugs, and kisses to all!!!!!

I wrote this last night but had problems uploading the pics so I gave up until today.


Dawn said...

Great pictures Alice! It's good to hear how involved you've become serving God in your new church home! We know it can get busy but I think it's awesome you've found your place.Tell Brian we said "Hi" and give Mili a squeeze!

dad said...

well, it's about time. here i am laid up with my surgery and i need to look at my granddaughter and my first daughter in law(really my first daughter.) i am glad your toe is feeling much better and i am glad brian is working out so much. tell him to keep up the good work. tell mili to just keep doing what she is doing its working good for me. see ya'll in nov, DAD