Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mili Bear AKA Super Urkel

Wow....it has been almost a week since I have posted. Don't know where the time has gone but I am posting now because Mili is sleeping and it is quiet in my home (something that happens very few times a day).

The pictures above are of our sweet Super Urkel. Mili has found that she is in control of her clothing now. She knows how to take off her diaper (we keep pants or a onesie on her at all times or we would have a mess if you know what I mean), she can obviously pull up her pants (at the waist and at the bottom of her legs), she can also take off her shirt (not often does this happen thank goodness, we would hate to have a streaking daughter). Oh and I forgot, she also knows how to take off her bibs (this would not be a big problem if the faucet would stop running ). We are so tired of soaking wet shirts around here. Mili seems to be a continuous faucet (we think she has her mother's salivary glands....they are double everyone else's.....the dentist even says the suction has to work overtime for me).

Last week we had a night from you know where with Mili. She kept getting up and crying and wanting out of her crib and so on, etc. etc. etc. So, Brian and I were strong and kept our promise not to take her out of the crib (we didn't want this happening every night). We got about 4 hours of sleep that night and it was quite a chore to stay awake the next day (poor Brian at work). I am happy to announce that Mili is again falling asleep on her own and sleeping thru the night. I am hoping this will continue.

Mili is also starting to talk some. My favorite thing she does now (started last night) is say NO DEAL. We are big fans of Deal or No Deal (don't have to worry about language or in appropriate behavior for Mili's eyes and ears). If you have watched the show you know that the person normally waves their arm horizonally across their body and says "NO DEAL". Mili waves her arm and says "NO NEAL". It is so cute and she did it each time after a person on TV did it. She was so proud of herself that she could say what they were saying (this is exactly why we don't want her watching anything and everything that comes on the tube).

We took a trip to the Doctor today (no worries, everyone is well, thank God). Mili got her flu shot. She did great! Cried for a second until she saw the Elmo (or Melmo as Mili says it) band-aid. She stopped immediately and then was mad at me because I covered up her Melmo band-aid with her pants. I was never so thankful for an Elmo band-aid (Mili doesn't know any other characters from TV). I love the trip to the doctor's office. The trees, fences, two lane roads, farms, fields, pot holes (gotta take the bad along with the good), houses on grassy hills all reminds me of home (Arkansas).

I am sorry that I keep jumping from one thing to another but I feel like it has been forever since I posted. For those of you that don't know already, Brian accepted a position here for another two years starting in January. Oh my baby is awake....hold.....will be back.

Okay, back again. Mili is so adorable these days. When she wakes up she is so loving and just wants to be held (I hate to stop what I am doing and hold her.....yeah, right). She has learned what it means to love and even says she is sorry (in sign language) when she hurts us.

I guess I have hopped from one subject to another enough for today. I will go now and let your brains rest from too much talk about Mili Bear. She is so much fun, I can't help but share. That is what I started this blog for is to share Mili's life with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousin, and friends back home in Arkansas. I am doing my job, right?????

Love to ALL!!!


Elizabeth Robinson said...

Yes you are doing your job very good and we love it very much. I am out of my cast now and now I am in a walking boot . For a little while longer now. I go back to the doctor in a month . Bobby is doing OK too. We are going to Marttunedell tonight.We miss you guy's a lot.Take care now I have got to go now.
Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson

Dawn said...

Deal or No Deal rocks, we love it os much we will tape it if we can't watch it! Anyway it's great to hear Mili is starting to talk, it makes life a bit easier on you and her when she can communicate verbally. Jacob is doing good with his speech therapy, and says a new word everytime the therapist comes.
Good to hear you got Mili back into a sleeping routine, would you come and do for Jacob too...please! Naw, it's my fault, and we are working on changing it. Well I just got word that Mandy had her baby girl about 30 mins. ago so I thought i would share that, 8lbs, 20 3/4 inches long. Any thoughts for you guys about another baby? Okay well I hope you guys have a good week/end and we'll talk to you later. Oh P.S. My mom and Kolton got baptized together Sunday (although you probably already heard)..God IS great!