Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The TREASURE has been found!

Whoooooo……I am so glad tonight is over. The things I will do to keep 6th, 7th, and 8th graders busy for an hour. We had a treasure hunt tonight. I got the crazy idea to do this off of my friend Kamrin’s blog. One of her advertisements was about treasure hunts at birthday parties (thanks Kamrin). I decided to make one up myself with bible verses being the clues. The clues were hid all over the church campus (minus the construction zones-we are building an activity center……can’t wait!!!). The students got a flashlight in their first clue and a bible on the second. The rest of the clues just listed the address to the verse and they had to look up the verse then pick out the word or words that they knew they could find on campus. We kinda had to help them along because just like always Alice over planned (too many clues….not enough time).

The planning for this event this week has been crazy. Last Friday is when I decided to do this tonight. I had asked for some boxes from some of the staff and they brought them on Sunday. I forgot them at church and they were thrown out. Yesterday was my shopping day and you guessed it, rain all day (pouring rain). Through the rain I have found that I am capable of doing multiple things at one time. Hold an umbrella (golf size) get Mili out of her seat, and carry the diaper bag. Coming out of the store and into the apartment was quite the effort with many bags plus all the above. Mili just thought the whole thing was fun. I am happy that she was laughing instead of crying (I felt like crying). I finished all my shopping and planned to bake cup cakes last night (the “treasure” was cup cakes and frosting with decorations). It took me longer than I thought last night to make up the clues so I had to bake the cupcakes this morning. By mid afternoon I had all the items boxed up (didn’t want the students to see any of the clues). The plan was for me to hide all the clues while my partner in crime, Eric, watched the students inside. On a normal Wednesday night we are the only group of kids outside after 6:45 pm. Guess what? Not tonight. It was such a great day today (76 degrees) that every class wanted to be outside. This was a problem because I needed to hide clues where the other kids were playing. I hid the other items that were not on the playground and then waited until they were leaving to hide the others. On clue number 3 or 4 one of the students found the treasure (they couldn’t open the lock on it without all the other clues…..the combination was on three different clues). The end result was that we had a blast and I definitely got a workout. I was literally chasing my team to keep up with them. If I do this again some day (in the far away future) I will give myself more time to plan out everything. I wish I would have brought my camera to photograph their faces with icing all over them. They had fun decorating their cupcakes and eating them.

Next week I am planning on using that comparison of the pumpkin or jack-o-lantern and a Christian. I will have to plan for this as well but not as much as the treasure hunt. I am really starting to fall in love with these students. God has put a special place in my heart for middle school students. At least that is what other people tell me because they think I am crazy; I think they are missing all the fun.

Well I am about typed out and worn out from planning, hiding, and chasing down kids. It is bedtime for me.

Love to ALL!!!

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