Monday, October 16, 2006

Fall has arrived!!

Just thought I would post some pics of our sweet thang with a cute fall jumper on (thanks to Dani was Emma Grace's....I am sure at a different age since it is a size 3T). Our baby girl looked like a GIRL for the first time on Sunday. The people at church loved her jumper and thought she looked so grown up. I may not put it back on her for that reason (smile). I know she must grow but it would be nice if she would stop growing taller for just a few months so we can keep clothes on her. I thought that the growth spurts stopped after 12 months but she is not slowing down.

Can't complain too much she is happy and healthy and we are so thankful for that. God has really been blessing our family with some decisions that we needed to make and He has made it easy for those decisions to be made. Some people would look at our family (with one car, living in an apartment, don't have lots of material possessions, just make it from pay check to pay check) and think that we should be so unhappy but we are soooooo blessed and very happy (besides the fact that we are so far from family and friends).

I am planning a treasure hunt for the middle school students at church for Wednesday night. I think I get more excited about planning things for them than they do actually doing the activities. I am thankful that God gives me this outlet for my creative juices (otherwise, I think I would explode).

Hope you enjoy the pics and look for more updates on the family soon.
Love to all!!!

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Elizabeth Robinson said...

Yes she is going to be a big girl now.I know it is hard to keep one in cloth's when they are growing up
a lot.
As for me and Bobby we are doing ok. I will be gald when I get this cast off though it is in the way a lot and it is hard to take a shower with it on too.
I just wanted to say hay there to all of you .
We love you all very much and miss you a lot too.
Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson.