Thursday, October 19, 2006

Leaves are Falling

Just a few pics of the view outside our balcony the past couple of days. I had to hurry and take pictures before all the leaves fall off the trees. The wind tends to be stronger around this time of the year and all the leaves fall off when they are still colored. It makes for a beautiful sidewalk covered with red, green, yellow and brown leaves (God's artwork seems to be the kind that takes my breath away). It was all good until the lawn care guys came today and blew the sidewalks off. Bye-bye leaves (as Mili says to everything....when we watch the squirrels and they run away or up a tree, when I put away something, when she leaves the house, she says bye to everything). I am hoping for more leaves to fall in the next few days so I can take some fall pics of Mili outside.

Hope you enjoy the pics and I hope you all are enjoying the fall weather. Don't forget to stop and smell the crisp air and gaze at the lovely colors in the trees and watch the sun rise or set. They are all part of God's handy work and are beautiful. I am much happier when I stop and "smell the roses". If your life is too busy to stop and enjoy God's creation, you need to get rid of some of the technology in your life and spend some time in creation.

I am now stepping down off my soapbox.

Hugs and Kisses

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Kamrin said...

Wow! And here we were glad to have dropped out of the upper 80's today! It must be stunning up there! Miss you, but glad to have such fab photos!