Sunday, October 22, 2006


Who couldn't LOVE God's wonderful creation. We went to the park Saturday to take some fall pics of Mili (and mommy and daddy). Mili was in leaf heaven. She loves picking up the leaves and throwing them to see them float down (I have to pick her up to see them float from more than two feet off the ground). The trees looked like they were on fire. I didn't want to leave the park, it was so beautiful. The wind was a little sharp but it was not continuous.

We had a blast. I hope to teach Mili that you don't always need money to have a good time. We want her to use her imagination.

Hope all is well with everyone back home in Arkansas. We love you all!

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Dawn said...

Beautiful pics Alice! You guys look great and God's artwork is amazing and we take it for granted way too often. Good ad you had on your blog today, it had a sign up for a free brochure on Childrens Church material for a small church, could be for us, I signed up and we'll see so thanks for that. Have a great week :)