Thursday, October 26, 2006

As you can see the weather is getting cooler here. Mili is understanding what it means to bundle up a little bit now. She likes to keep the hat on all day. She is a little hat lady (I should see if the red hat society needs a mini mascot). I have a feeling we have a Miss Priss on our hands with the hat, shoes, and purse issues. It could be all my fault since I thought she had to have shoes to match every outfit when she was an infant and also put hats on her a lot. Oh well, it could be worse. Last night we had an argument about which shoes she wanted to wear to church. She wanted to wear these shiny ruby red shoes (dress shoes) and I wanted her to wear her white tennis shoes. She was wearing red corduroy overalls and I ended up letting her wear the shoes of her choice. At least they did match the outfit and I have vowed to say YES when I can because I am sure there will be plenty of times that I must say NO.

We had a rough night last night with Mili. Got about 4 or 5 hours of sleep and I need to get some now. I love you all. Good night.....I hope to sleep tight.


Dawn said...

great pics of a gorgeous gal! And about the shoes...I agree, pick your battles and be happy the shoes matched her outfit! We love you guys have a great weekend.

Shana said...

She's just precious! Keep up the "yes" goal b/c you're right: there will be plenty of "no's" and there's nothing wrong with 'em, either! ;)