Friday, September 22, 2006

Just another typical day

I wanted to share some of the pics of Mili in our normal routine from day to day. We take a walk every morning. Mili LOVES outside and everything that lives outside (this is the cheesy smile I see every morning when we get dressed to go out). She would much rather be outside watching the birds, squirrels and people walking their dogs than to be inside. I am so thankful for that. I would rather her be outside than in front of the TV all day long.

Speaking of TV, we have limited TV in our house these days. We find other things to do. Mili will dance and sing to music (after demanding that I turn it on). We also color a lot. We like to bring in things from outside to use in our craft time as well (our leaf collage). We also color a picture related to our Bible story (the internet is awesome for printing off coloring sheets). For those of you that don't know, I also love to color. It has been a stress reliever for me most of my life (a box of crayons is much less expensive than therapy sessions). As you can tell our story was about Jonah and the big, big fish (Mili can say Jonah (sounds like doe-nah) and fish (sounds like ish)).

Just wanted to share our lovely day with you. We have fun everyday together.

Love and Hugs to all!

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Dawn said...

It's nice to hear you and Mili have such great days together. Hope all 3 of you have a great weekend, oh...and i have heard coloring for adults IS a stress reliever, so keep coloring girl! Love Dawn