Monday, September 04, 2006

Park Play

What a great day. Don't even know where to start. The weather was terrific today. In the 70's. We journeyed off to the park this morning. This park experience was different from any other because Mili is now walking. When she is let loose she can run wild if we are not careful (I was thankful for the wood chips, they slowed her down....actually putting her down at least once). As you can see from the pictures, Mili enjoyed swinging, more swinging, sliding and just exploring. We also took a short walk. In one of the swing pictures Mili is signing more (her favorite sign in the whole world.....if a little is good, more must be better.....right). She absolutely loves the feeling of air going through her hair. If you look closely at one of the swing pictures you will see Mili's first battle scars on her face. One of the little girls took a claw at her face at church Sunday. Those things happen when you get the munchgins together. Mili took it like a trooper but I am surprised she didn't try to bite her.

In one of the pictures you will see Mili and I standing in the fort before going into the slide. I only did that one time. After getting halfway up I found out that the rest of the way was a tunnel up to the slide. If you have never tried to push, pull, and stoop to get a 25 lb kid that doesn't know what you want her to do, through a tunnel it is very difficult. After all that work she didn't like the slide that much anyway (my back is thankful that that was a one time event).

After fun at the park, we were on our way in search of some shoes for Mili. She is growing so fast that I can't keep up with her sizes. We didn't buy any today but got a good idea of how much they cost and what we need to get her. She is quite picky about what goes on her foot. I will post some pictures tomorrow or soon that show Mili dressing up with shoes and all.

We ended our perfect day with a walk around the complex. We have gone for a walk after dinner they last couple of days. With the weather being so fantastic, we hate to let it pass by without enjoying it.

I am going to bed now. Hope you enjoy the snapshots of the park today.
Love to all!!


Kamrin said...

Ya'll are so cute that I may need some insulin! Looks great up there!

Dawn said...

Wondeful pictures, wonderful guys are just wondeful!
Have a blessed week.