Saturday, September 16, 2006

A ZOO-tabulas Day!

We visited the National Zoo in DC today. What a great place to go for FREE! Yes, you read correctly, I said "FREE"!!!! We only had to pay for our fare on the Metro. The Metro actually drops us off about four blocks from the Zoo. We started off the day cool, breezy and misty. The weatherman said it was not suppose to rain. Well he was half right. It didn't ever fully rain but it was misty off and on all day (at some points hard enough to take cover for a bit). The sun hid while we were at the Zoo (a little peep of the sun when we were on the way back to the Metro station, isn't that the way it always goes). Despite the dreary weather, it was a great day.

Watching Mili see these enormous animals so close up for the first time was worth every drop of water (Mili was quite dry under her stroller canopy). She enjoyed signing giraffe over and over again as it came very close, just to visit Mili, of course. Her eyes were wide and glistening when she first saw the momma panda (the baby was hanging out in the trees and very hard for us to see, much less Mili). She signed dog when she saw the horses and prairie dogs (I guess she was half right on that one). When we stopped for lunch and a diaper change (we took our lunch in a cooler, meal prices are terrible in a place like that, so we went prepared)Mili watched some birds eat everything that the children had dropped on the ground. I think she may have enjoyed that more than the zoo animals. Oh, well as long as she was having fun, I didn't care how or what kind of animal she was looking at. Mili soon fell asleep (as you can tell in the photos) for her nap and slept a good while. We walked for a bit longer and then made our way back to the Metro station.

After our day at the Zoo, we needed a few things at Sam's. Sam's here and Sam's in Arkansas are two very different things. We could shop for five minutes here and stand in line for well over 30 minutes sometimes longer depending on the day. We had our cheap date (pizza and a coke for $5.27). We then picked up what we needed to get. Don't know how long we stood in line because now I try not to look so I don't get uptight about how long it takes.

We left the house at about 10:00 this morning and returned home at about 6:00 this evening. We had a long day but a very fun one. We didn't get to see everything so we will be going back. Plus it is cheap entertainment for us and Mili.

Hope all is well with all of your families and sorry I have not posted in a while. Been very busy with church and Mili (oh and I have a husband in there somewhere).


Elizabeth Robinson said...

Hello there to all, look's like you all had fun today. Well not much going on here. I just been going to the doctor with my foot,I had a ingrowing toe nail ,it has been herting for a while. So they cut it out so I can not wear a shoe right now. That is about all that has been going on here.LOVE you all very much and miss you a lot too.
Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson

Dawn said...

Glad you all had a fun day together. Family outings are awesome, especially when they are FREE! We had a young adult gathering last night. Thought about you guys. Missed you. Have a wondeful day worshipping our Lord and have a great week.

Kamrin said...

Kids and the zoo. Magicical!

staceybrown281 said...

Whoa! Such a happy family. Having a quality time with your family is remarkable and rewarding one. Zoo is the best place to relax and enjoy with you love ones. your cute baby was so fabulous with her dresses. I remember my kids. How I wish I can go home this Christmas.