Saturday, September 02, 2006

Quality Time

For those of you that have been watching the news. No worries, Ernesto did not show it's ugly face to badly here. We had rain all day Friday and the trees were waving at us due to the major winds but it was nothing like we expected here. We expected some flooding but Ernesto only dropped about 2-3 inches on us then went about its way. Today was down right cool. We had to wear jackets out (first I had to buy one for Mili). I didn't expect cool enough weather for a jacket in early September (never in Arkansas). "We are not in Arkansas anymore".

We have enjoyed some family time in the last couple of days. Brian made a surprise arrival home at 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon. Mili and I are much happier people when Brian is home. We had an eventful evening trying to get Mili to bed. We were so frustrated when she finally went to sleep (after 2 hours of off and on crying). Today we had no problems at naptime or bedtime. It must have been teething again. It finally stopped raining enough for our family walk. We walked the complex. Mili was screaming at the dogs and some of the owners who were walking their dogs were nice enough to stop and let Mili look at them for a while. I challenged Brian to some sprints up the hill. He was pushing Mili and I would take off running and Brian would chase me with the stroller and Mili laughed so hard she got the hiccups. She got the pattern down before long and was telling me when I should run. We both got our heart rates up playing this game with Mili (it is amazing what we will do for our kids to get a laugh). I am sure it really was funny for anyone watching. Mili and I are looking forward to also having Brian home on Monday as well. We love having family days.

I am going for now. Need some sleep before I serve tomorrow at church. I am excited about meeting all the students I will be teaching on Wednesday nights. I am also helping out in the Sunday morning class for a short time and it will give me some time to get to know the students better. It is very important that I get to know them and they get to know me (that is the only way trust can be formed).

Love to all.....take care!

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