Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Everyday with Mili !!!

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What a great girl to have as a daughter. Look at what kind of personality she has. These pics where taken in the last two weeks (some of them today). You can see that Mili likes to help Mommy "fold" laundry. She is a fantastic unfolder. I think she is learning how to pose for the camera these days (I don't know why, her picture is never taken).

The pictures of Mili with the striped capris on is one of my favorite. I have no idea what made her do this but she pushed her head thru the blinds all the way to the sliding glass doors.

In the one with the pink shirt and striped skirt, if you look closely you will see that she is coming out of it. She has one leg in and one leg out (I have no idea how this happened, I looked up and she was standing like this one Sunday after church).

I am so thankful for technology. Many days Brian is greeted when he arrives home from work with the pictures on the camera that I took of Mili that day. I am just hoping to give him some of the day that he missed out on. It is usually the cute or unusual things she does, but I think it helps him to feel more connected to her. Technology has also changed how our long distance relationships from our family and friends has been. We have been able to keep them as updated as possible.

Hope you enjoy the pics. That's all for now.
Love to all...and a big smack!

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