Tuesday, September 05, 2006

18 years together

I forgot to mention yesterday that Brian and I have shared 18 years of our lives together. September 4th is our "dating" anniversary. I say that with quotes because we were not old enough to date. It was called "going together" way back then. We have come a long way in our relationship.

Our natural birthing experience was probably when I realized we could endure anything in our relationship. It really showed me how compatible we are. Brian knew exactly what I needed when I needed it and we had almost no verbal communication during hard labor (he is a fantastic coach). He kept me very calm through the whole process (being calm is the key to a successful natural childbirth). He knew how important it was to me and we did it together. We were awarded an adorable prize out of the adventure too.

Our move to Maryland is probably the second most stressful thing that we have endured together. This was a true test because we would have to rely solely on each other for everything. Even though we have always spent our free time together and especially did after we had Mili as a family, I was still scared to be here with no family or friends. We have grown much closer together since we moved away from everyone and everything we have ever known.

Enough about us love birds. Just wanted you to know we have been together more than half of our lives. I am not sure my sister, Erin, remembers much of her life before Brian started coming around (but who would want to remember life without Brian, I don't).

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Kamrin said...

Congrats! He is pretty sweet!