Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dress up

We have a dress up queen on our hands. Mili loves shoes, hats and purses so much it scares me. She is starting to be a Miss Priss. Mili doesn't talk much but she sure can say "shoes". We have been trying on a lot of shoes recently (only the ones she will let me put on her feet). We are very opinionated these days.

Tonight was a wild night. It was my first night to teach the middle schoolers at our new church (thank God it was not my first time ever, I taught middle schoolers at my church back home). I think we had 19 all together but it sounded like 50. The sixth graders coming in for the first time were so excited about coming to the class that they were wild. There are very few girls and lots of boys. The boys were quite active and didn't want to be quiet while I was teaching. I warned some of them that they would be going back to their fifth grade class if they can't behave in this class. It is definitely going to be a challenge but I am up for it. I will get plenty of prayer time in on Wednesdays before I tackle this class each week. It should be fun. I planned too many things to do tonight and didn't feel like I accomplished any of them. I will do better next Wednesday.

After cleaning up and locking up the room tonight, I saw a crowd or people around my car. In the middle of that crowd was none other than my precious Mili Bear (her daddy holding her, of course). All the teenage girls were admiring her and watching her sign. She was putting on a show for them. They thought it was too cute the way she communicates and she ended up saying Bye-Bye to them when they were leaving. All the girls said "aaaaaawwwww". The thing I love the most about Mili is that she always seems to make people smile. It doesn't matter where we are she is waving or smiling (or both) at someone and they just have to respond.
The other day at the mall I saw Mili get frustrated for the first time that someone didn't respond to her wave. She grunted and looked up at me like, "mommy why don't those people want to wave at me, I am cute you know."

I forgot how tired I get after teaching. I am going to rest for now. Hugs and Kisses to all!

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