Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mili is 3

Mili's birthday party was today!! We had her party in a park to have enough room for the kids to run and play. It was 95 degrees today of all days (not at all normal for this time of year here...we felt like we were already back in Arkansas).

Mili was surrounded by all of her closest friends and had a wonderful birthday. In her words, "This is the BEST birthday party EVER." She stated this twice while we were at the park and then another time when she got home. I think she LIKED her party.

Hope you enjoy ALL the pictures. There are a TON!

On the way to the park with all 12 balloons in the back seat with Mili, Sadie and myself. FUN, FUN, FUN!

Mili with her boyfriends/future husband possibilities. We love James (left) and Clayton ("Playton" as Mili says) (right)

Look at that cute Birthday Princess!! I told her to hold up her wand and she did...right in front of her face.

A little help from her friends in opening this gift. Clayton (left), James (over shoulder) and Hayden (right...who wouldn't let go of that pizza)

Dora Pirates DVD....evidently a keeper by the facial expression.

Hope Clayton's daddy sees him playing with the princess brush.

Singing Happy Birthday to Mili Bear. Her candle is the number 3 but Mommy didn't turn it around the right way. James' parents (could be future in-laws) are behind Mili.

Trying to figure out how she is going to blow out the flame. Look at her eyes.


Still blowing with a little help from Daddy!

Proud "she" blew it out. Notice her nice clean clothes...

After licking the candle. Notice her clothes.

James with his blue mustache. What a little man!

Itunu is eating her cupcake with a fork like a little lady.

Clayton decided that he would help himself to another cupcake, plus it made a better picture with green and orange.

Sadie Beth enjoying the outdoors.

If Sadie looks wet....she is!!! Mommy and Daddy tried to keep the kids wet with spray bottles.

Mili loves to drive.

Included this picture so you could see where the blue icing from Mili's hands ended up. Look at her bottom.

Walking on the swinging bridge.

Sliding is one of Mili's favorite thing to do at the park.

Mili getting a little push from her friend Reagan on the airplane.

Caleb (or "K-luv" as Mili says it), Reagan and Hayden racing cars with Mili.

I had to include how much fun Sadie Beth had in the car with the balloons. Sorry the resolution is not that great but hope you enjoy it anyway.

We had a great 3rd birthday party but Mommy and Daddy are pooped now.

Mili is going to MISS all of her wonderful friends from church. It makes Mommy sad that we have to leave such great Christian families that we have grown to LOVE so much.

FRIENDS- Thanks for braving the 95 degree weather to make this day special for Mili Bear. We LOVE you all!!!


Michelle said...

Oh, how fun! I'm used to 95 degree b/day parties...Daniel's is on Aug 5th! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

What a great day you all seemed to have, especially Mili. The vid of Sadie is too cute and all the pics are great. K Luv for Caleb...ahhhhh who couldn't love that:)
I am sorry all of you have to leave all the new wonderful friends God has placed in your lives (although we are 2 of many people happy to have you back). I suppose this is a good example of what bittersweet means.
Happy birthday to Mili and we are so glad she had a wonderful party.

Love Dawn

Bill and Sarah Rodriguez said...

LOVE the pics!!! AND the video of Sadie. SSOSOOSOO cute!!!

Sooz said...

Great party! 95 is starting to feel pretty good here in Arkansas except the humidity...yuck!