Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dangerous Surrender- Chapter 3 Gloriously Ruined

I have been finished with Chapter 3 for a long while but have not posted on it yet. It is about time I start letting you in on how this book has changed my life and I hope the life of others. This chapter has been the best chapter for me yet (I am now on chapter 6 so my thoughts may change later....a woman always holds the right to change her mind).

My first initial thought when I saw the title Gloriously Ruined was, is there more??? I thought that Seriously Disturbed was enough but now Gloriously Ruined. This book is often read in the bath tub while I have no distraction from the everyday responsibilities of having two small children and a husband to take care of. I also feel like I can cry if I want and there is no one there to see or ask questions (as if that has ever stopped me from crying before but it sounds good anyway).

While sitting in the tub reading this wonderful chapter I started to believe that this is the life I want for me and my family. I want us to be exactly where God wants us to be....location and in our hearts and minds. This is not going to be an easy task. I have found that when I search for what is right, many things come up in our lives that is not right and have to be changed.

When I started this journey to what God wants from me, I thought I would help other people do what they are already doing (whatever charity or organization that needs me, I would HELP). But now that I am getting more involved with many charities I see the need for SO many things to change in this world. I am seeing how in many cases a little bit of money or the cost of a coke or coffee can change someones life for a year (Don't Drink the Water???).

I believe that I am getting closer and closer to becoming a Seriously Disturbed Gloriously Ruined servant of the King. I can only explain this transformation through how I am starting to be aware of many things I never even thought of before. When our water was not safe to drink a few weeks ago it lead to this post (Don't Drink the Water???). I can't drink a coke without thinking of how much money we need to give to a clean water charity this month. Every time I go grocery shopping I think of all the children who are hungry and we have access to whatever we want at our fingertips. When I hug my girls many times a day, everyday, my heart breaks for the children in the world who don't have a family to embrace them and be their cheerleaders. When I tell my children I love them, I think of all the children who have never heard those words or who have only heard them so that someone can get what they want from them. This may seem a bit morbid to some of you and you think that it would only make you sad but it has made me DRIVEN. Driven to do something about all of these thing and not just sit back and hope that someone else will take care of it. If you are a child of the King then YOU are the person that God expects to do it too.

God never promised our life would be easy after becoming fact it becomes harder to face many of the things we must do but the outcome is so priceless and the JOY is unexplainable. Try it.....find something you are passionate about and get involved. Help someone this week or month. Leave me a comment and tell me what kind of organizations you like to give to....time or money.

If you don't know what to get involved in but have a desire then there is plenty you can do.

Go to Children's Hopechest and donate to get things started in Ethiopia orphanages (get your church, business, organization or club interested in sponsoring an entire orphanage click on programs and then sponsorship to find out more or go on a mission trip....any time you leave your comfort zone and live in someone elses world it is life changing.

Go to my Don't Drink the Water?? post and donate to one of the many charities that provide clean water to people all over the world. $1 can provide clean water for one African for one year!!

Go to Nothing but Nets to donate bed nets to help prevent Malaria. Malaria kills 1 million people every year (mostly children). Donate $10 for a net and save a life!!!

Please remember that while these charities are great things to give to God still expects your tithe of 10% to your local church. These things should be above your tithe. If your budget is tight (I totally understand that) then find creative ways to give. God will bless you with the money to give and your heart will be blessed more than you could imagine.

If you haven't watched the Cardboard Testimonies then go here and see what I want my cardboard to say.

My blog started out being a way for our families and friends from home to see our children grow up and know what is going on in our lives here while we live away from everyone. Now I hope my blog is more about what God wants for our family and what He wants for your family too. You will still see many picture of the children here but between all of that you will see many more posts like this. I will start reading the book Red Letters by Tom Davis soon (you can see a video about Red Letters here).


LeLe said...

Alice, have you heard about "The 40 Day Fast" blog at Go take a look at the site - their goal is the same as yours (and [what should be] mine). I really need to find ways to give more than just my local tithe. I think they have some bloggers left and I'd love to see you sign up to be one. My friend Ryan is on July 24. You'll know what I'm talking about once you visit the site.

Laura said...

I was sitting down to write my Dangerous Surrender Chapter 3 post (which I still haven't done yet), and ran into your blog. I love to read about others lives that are on the same journey. We're in a similar place -realizing life as we know it is no longer working for us - we are doing so many of the right things - but I know there is MORE! DH and I are going to Guatemala next month with another ministry that deals with WATER - check out my post at the simplyfollow blog! Great to "meet" you!

Laura said...

I meant to also say that I watched the cardboard testimonies video. Our church did that a few years ago and it was my favorite service EVER! I still think about it now and again - it is even more powerful when you know the people and have witnessed their transformations! Thanks for posting that one!