Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Don't Drink the Water????

UPDATE: (if you haven't read this post yet.....read it first) I forgot to mention that Brian and I saved $5 dollars at Red Robin the other day by ordering water instead of soda. I went to charity: water and ordered a bracelet for $5 to help me remember that anytime I eat out I will order water instead of soda. I plan to give the money I would have used to buy the soda to one of the organizations listed below. You would be surprised how fast it adds up. I have also decided that if I do have a soda at a restaurant then I will pay double the amount of the drink toward clean water for someone else. This is just my way of giving back. You find out what works for your family. I am not a coffee drinker but I know how much some of those coffee drinks cost. If some of you would pass up Starbucks (every once and a while, I don't mean everyday) and donate what you would have paid for your coffee, there would be a person on the other side of the world living because you decided to pass up the coffee shoppe (something to think about....huh). Or buy some Saint's Coffee instead and feed an orphan.

This is what we were told a few days ago and we are still on a boil order. A water main broke in another town but the whole county is on a boil order for safety reasons. With two small children this has been a huge headache but recently I have been looking for EVERY opportunity to learn something from God.

Well, if inconvenience isn't the best way to wake me up about the world. Recently my prayers have been to show me the world and not just my small bubble I live in. We are so spoiled in America and I am beginning to realize it more and more each day. This water safety alert has done just that. I am awake and have been for several days now, searching the Internet for information about donating to organizations that focus on giving the gift of life through clean water.

4,500 children die every day from diarrhea caused by unsafe water.

"Waterborne illness kills a child every fifteen seconds and underlies much of the world's disease and malnutrition." UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman

$1 provides clean water for a year for one African. (blood:water mission)

There are many more statistics that would pull at your heart but if the three listed above are not enough then you probably wouldn't donate money anyway and you would not need to read the rest of this entry.

There are some organizations below that you can click on to donate money to provide clean water to those who live each day hauling water from far and then it is contaminated but it is all they have to drink. "Don't drink the water" is not an option for them. I was able to go buy bottled water at the grocery store.

This charity has several countries you can donate to.

This charity has merchandise that you can buy and all the proceeds go to clean water.

This is the charity started by Jars of Clay and it involves wells for clean water and awareness for clean blood, free of HIV/AIDS.

This one has a challenge and you can watch a video explaining it.

I hope God has touched your heart as He has mine. I know that we (or I have many times) turned our heads to all those commercials that show people dying in other countries but it is time that God's people do what we were called to do and take care of ALL in need, not just a select few.


Shana said...

As always, you are a breath of fresh air. I love your spirit and your compassion.

Sooz said...

I completely agree! The soda's at restaurants are so expensive. At least $2 a glass so majority of the time we order water unless its some place we just love their coke. Some foods (in my opinion) need tea or coke with them but most do fine with water. Great idea Alice!

LeLe said...

Alice, what you are doing is exactly what we are studying in my Bible study class. I'm currently reading the book "Same Kind of Different As Me" and I think it has the potential to change my life...you might want to check into it. Or once you move back, I'll let you borrow it! It's not too much longer. The water at restaurants is a great idea. I tend to order water or tea anyway instead of sodas unless I'm craving a Dr. Pepper. It might also be a good thing to start a piggy bank for missions and just put all your loose change in there. It can add up quickly!