Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Letter to Mili Bear 3 years old

I have been meaning to write this for quite sometime since Mili's birthday is on June 2nd but we have been quite busy around here with birthday parties, finishing up responsibilities at church, cleaning out junk, and packing.

Dear Sweet Mili Bear,

It doesn't seem like you should already be the big 3 years old. Mommy is a little sad because it means that you are starting to be so independent and you don't "need" me like you used to. However, Mommy and Daddy's roles as your parents are to raise you so that you will be independent from us and totally dependent on God in the future.

You are starting to test the boundaries we have set for you and therefore spending more time in timeout.

You are learning to recognize, write, and the sound for all of the alphabet.

You can't wait to swim in Nanny and Poppy's swimming pool as soon as we move back to Arkansas.

You are asking WHY after every question or every NO....this may be what sends Mommy over the edge.

You say some of the cutest things I have ever heard in all my life. Here are a few things you say or do that Mommy just loves....

"Should I see what my Disney friends are up to?"

"Well, Actually..."

"paci, PACI!! Where are you???" (as if it could get up and walk to you) (praise God we have thrown the paci away)

The peepee dance is too cute (only when we are at home and can get to a potty quickly).

"OK, if you say so...."

"OK, I will wait......big sigh"

The way you say the word "because" just cracks me up....."becubs"

"I can't seem to reach it."

"What do you think of my hair, Daddy?" (after EVERY bath)

"Go, Mommy, Go!!!" (you are my cheerleader and I LOVE you for also cheer your friends on too....great personality)

"CHECK, CHECK" (and Daddy follows up with Roger, Roger)

You really love all the princess stuff right now. This has surprised me but you still LOVE your car and sports stuff too.

The way you say "poopa" or "poo" for poopie. I guess you have grown beyond the poopie word. That's so TWO!

"No Worries!!!" (when I am getting upset over something you often say what I say to worries)

You once had a tea party for Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Joseph and said......"they will be here any minute." (I think Mickey Mouse was invited to this tea party too.)

"I broke my crayon and I was crying and Jesus came and fixed my crayon and He told me No Worries to cry."

"I wish we could take a sled up to Jesus in Heaven."

"I think we could climb a ladder to Jesus."

"I think my sunflower will grow big and tall and I can reach all the way up to Heaven."

Someday you will say computer right but for now it is "bacumender".

"You're killin' me!"

"No big deal."

I love all of these thought processes

"I can't seem to......
"I was wondering....
"I was thinking....

I love that you are observant enough to notice things. On TV you will see something and this has been your reaction....

"Pigs don't fly!" (commercial)
"Mailboxes don't talk" (Blues Clues)
"Animals don't talk" (commercial....but it doesn't seem to bother you to watch Charlotte's Web or cartoon animals talking.)

"I think Sadie likes me."

"Sadie is my best friend in the whole world."

I love the way you try to make Sadie laugh when she is crying.

You are a GREAT big sister!!!

I am starting to see that you have such a heart for others. It makes Jesus smile when you care about others.

My favorite thing you say is.......

"Mommy.....I love you!" (with a sweet drawn out to my ears)

I love you all the way to the moon and back. I am so glad God gave you to me.
Love forever,

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LeLe said...

I love reading these letters. It's so cute and sweet how Mili is maturing (I hate to use that word, but she is!).