Monday, June 30, 2008

I got Ty Pennington on SALE!!!

I WISH.....but it is only the dishes he designs. I absolutely love Ty Pennington Style items but they are pricey for our budget. Brian and I were "window" shopping at the mall since our AC is out and has been for two days now when we happened upon these wonderful dishes...

We bought the color HAZE (it is the grey color shown above in the same style. It is a 20 piece 4 place setting. The regular price was $99.99. Guess how much we paid for it????

Did ya guess yet????

ok, here is a picture to prove it.

YEP, that reads $24.87.....pretty cool huh!!!
We also bought a large serving bowl and platter that matches the set for $9.87 (reg. $39.99). Brian and I were discussing that we have never bought dishes before. We have been married for almost 12 years (August 2nd) and we have always used dishes given to us (hand-me-downs) and the sets we rec'd at our wedding . Thanks Mandy, Nancy and Melanie for the great set you gave us, it has suited it's purpose and then some (I think we only have two pieces missing due to breakage). Thanks to Mrs. Irene for the fun Coke-Cola dish set we also rec'd at our wedding and are still using.
We enjoyed the clearance aisles at Sears but I also found these same deals at if you are interested.
We would have decorated our whole living room if we weren't worried about how to get the stuff packed and to AR without breaking it.


Sooz said...

I love those and wow at the price! me some good sales.

LeLe said...

Awesome! I love that design and the colors.

Dawn said...

Very nice set. We also have never bought a set of dishes! My mom bought us a set and Mandy gave us a set. Maybe one day....Anyway, that was an awesome deal which makes the plates even nicer:)

Michelle said...

I LOVE finding a good bargain! Congrats on your cool new dishes!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love a bargain too, but it is not such a bargain when you buy dishes and you are left with just a cup handle in your hand while hot tea runs down your leg! I purchased dishes from the Sears in Chesterfield, Missouri 63017. I purchase everyday dishes once about every 15 years. This is my third time purchasing dishes. When I get tired of my dishes I give them away. I own several sets of china, some of which are well over 100 years old. However, I bought Style by Pennington from Sears and I have never been so disappointed by any product in my whole life!!! How complicated is to make dishes that will serve its natural purpose??? I bought 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 bowls and 8 cups. These dishes are ridiculous. On more than one occasion I have had a plate in my hand and suddenly only the part where my fingers are touching is still in my hand. THAT'S RIGHT; THE OTHER PART OF THE PLATE JUST FALLS OFF!! HOW BAZAAR IS THAT?? I have never heard of anything being made so poorly! How would you like to be standing there, you have poured your water into your cup and just placed the tea bag in it and now you are STANDING THERE WITH JUST A HANDLE (because the rest of the cup has just dropped off) AND NOW HOT WATER IS STREAMING DOWN YOUR LEG!!! Out of all that I bought, only 2 dinner plates, 2 salad plates, 3 cups and 6 bowls remain!!! I am terrified to use them after the hot water incident! NO PRODUCT SHOULD BE THIS SHODDY!!!! IT IS A SAFETY HAZARD!!!! I THINK THIS SHOULD BE REPORTED TO PENNINGTON. I COULD NOT FOUND CONTACT INFORMATION FOR THEM, COULD YOU PLEASE SEND ME THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION. ALSO, I BELIEVE THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE. WHERE ELSE COULD THIS BE REPORTED? I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANYONE HURT. I BELIEVE SEARS SHOULD NOT CARRY SUCH AN UNSAFE PRODUCT!!! PLEASE PROTECT CONSUMERS. BUYER BEWARE!