Saturday, June 21, 2008

Great Day at the Playground!

This morning I got out of the house early to go grocery shopping and then when I came home Mili Bear was ready to go to the playground for some fun.

Mili LOVES "walkside" chalk!!!

While Mommy played with Mili on the sidewalk, Daddy had some fun on the swings with Sadie Beth. She LOVED it!!!

Mommy's turn on the swing with Sadie Beth. I think she likes swinging with Daddy better.

Mili is learning the "swing pump" to keep herself going.

Lovin' the wind blowing her hair.

The windblown look!

Sadie Beth about to take her first plunge on the slide.

I am not sure she enjoyed it but Mommy LOVED it!

Sadie Beth's first time sitting in the grass. Lots of pictures to come on this one. Watch the progression of her feet and facial expressions.

What is this stuff????

Don't think I want it on my feet!

What am I suppose to do with this stuff????

Guess I will wave at Mili since I am stuck in this position.

No so bad, maybe I like it a little bit but still don't want my feet on it!

Mili does some fantastic stunts so I have to clap for her but don't think I am letting my feet down on this stuff!!

OK, I am getting tired of this now!!!

Exercising my abs since my feet didn't touch the entire time I was "sitting" or balancing (she never fell over or touched the ground with her hands, she balances like this all the time) there.

OK!!! My abs have had it!!! Come and get me, Mommy!!!

Mili LOVES playing here. We will miss it when we move.

Mili makes a go at the rock wall. Something she has always been afraid of without help.

Getting HIGHER!

Almost There!

WhoooHooo!!! I mastered the mountain!!! Go Mili Go!!!

Mommy teaching Mili how to hopscotch.

Mili did great for her first time.

Look what I can do!!!

Look Mommy, one foot!

Too Cute!!

I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after some good family time. It always does my heart good and makes me appreciate my precious children and wonderful husband. I heart the fam!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the family play day, I sure did!!!


Dawn said...

Wonderful pics! I love the ones with Sadie in the grass, but I must say the one with you and her on the swing is beautiful. You know how when you buy a pic frame it comes with a fake picture inside it, that pic should be one of those, I don't know......that is what came to mind when I saw it:)
Glad you all had a nice family time together.

LeLe said...

I love the pics! Especially all the ones of Sadie Beth's chunky thighs. Love 'em!!!

Mellie said...

What a fun day! I love Sadie's grass pictures!

Sooz said...

The pictures of Sadie holding up those cute lil baby legs is adorable!
Love all the pictures and I hope there is a fun playground for the girls back home in Arkansas!