Friday, January 19, 2007

Mommy, is it COLD outside yet????

Here is our little trooper. She worked diligently to get these boots on. She is so proud of the outcome but soon finds out that she is unable to move from the position she is in. So she stands there and whines because she doesn't know what to do but she doesn't want out of them. I decided to take the opportunity to snap a photo of the experience (which is hard to get these days because she is always on the move). This was great for me because she was stationary for an extend amount of time.

It is finally getting cold here. By this time last year we probably already had about five snows. We hope to get snow on Sunday night but I will believe it when I see it (go figure, at night when Mili can't see it falling). Last year Mili didn't like the snow. We have pictures of her sitting in the snow on the balcony crying. I think she would like it this year if we ever get any. I thought when we moved here the "Arkansas" weather was no more. Boy, was I wrong. We seem to be getting the same strain of weather you all in Arkansas are getting just a few days later. It has been unseasonably warm here. Other than not getting snow yet, I don't mind it much since I hate to have to bundle up Mili and put on a bulky coat.

Ok, that is enough complaining. We have had an incredibly busy week but we are looking forward to some family time this weekend.


Alice said...

Thanks to all of you that have submitted comments in the last few entries. I feel more connected to you when I hear something from you, especially those who don't have blogs for me to keep up with you.

Elizabeth Robinson said...

Alice ,she is so cuit . WE have not had any snow here in Arkansas ether.It would be nice to see some you know what I mean. Bobby is still sick with the flu . We had to get out today and do some things in town. Well that is about all is going on here today. Take care.
Love Bobby and Elizabeth Robinson.

dad said...

hey wouldnt it be funny if we got snow in ar. before you did? sorry we didnt see you sunday because of the march for life. maybe we sill see you this week sometime se ya, dad

Elizabeth Robinson said...

Hey it is cold here today.How about up there where you are at? Bobby is going to the doctor today to see what is going on with him. I will let you know how he is some time today.Later Love Bobby&Elizabeth Robinson.