Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happenings in our Home

What's Happenin'? Well, my belly is excited to be doing this pregnancy thing again and has decided to explode in the last two or three days. What fun it is for me to realize there is a life in there and I can't wait to meet him or her (hopefully not them). We are already thinking of names. For those of you that don't know how we deal with a pregnancy in our home it is very name oriented. From the moment we find out we are expecting we have a name for the baby, a unisex name, usually a name of a food. Mili's name was Tater-Tot until we find out she was a girl and we went right home and looked for a name staying awake until we found one we both liked. From that time on we called her Mili.

This baby's name is Popcorn. Popcorn is growing and we can't wait to visit the doctor for the first time to hear or see the heartbeat. I will feel better about the whole thing after I see or hear some sign of life. Thank God for technology these days to help us connect with the real life growing inside of me.

I started a bible study (Beth Moore) this morning. It is a small group of three women who also have toddlers. One lady has a 12 month old girl, and the other lady has a 23 month old boy, and Mili is 19 months old. They all played very well today and I enjoyed my time with other women who understand what I go through everyday as a stay-at-home mom.

Mili has her mind set on Rarry and Boba from Veggietales from the time she wakes up in the morning until she lays her head down at night. I have limited her time to watch Larry and Bob to only 30 minutes a day. It is getting way out of hand for me. I did download some coloring pages of Larry and Bob for her tonight. She acted as if I had given her 10 potatoes are Mili's favorite food). Mili asks for potatoes at breakfast, lunch and dinner (she can not say it but she knows the sign for it and I wish I had never taught it to her now). When Mili eats anything else she will stop on her own and tell me that she is finished and then I stop feeding her but with potatoes there is no limit. She will keep eating and so I have to limit her intake of the starchy substance (I try to always load it with cheese and broccoli, sometimes chicken). We are still trying to get her to eat hard foods. No luck yet. I plan to continue trying until we are successful.

We also tried some potty training last week but have since decided to wait a little bit. When Mili finally went peepee in the potty it scared her. She said No, No, No the whole time and she would hold the rest of her urine and later empty it into her pull-up. Before, she loved to sit on the potty and now she cries so I am waiting for a month or so before we start that again. I donÂ’t want her to be scared of the potty. Any suggestions for me from you other moms out there. I am always ready to try anything that will help. I was just trying to get a head start on the training since I wanted Mili to be out of diapers before the new baby is born, not long after Mili's second birthday.

Sunday, Brian had some very strong back pain which has continued on through yesterday and today. He has not been well and I now realize how much he really helps me around the house and with Mili. It is amazing how much I take for granted with him. I am not happy that he is in pain but I am happy that it has made me realize how much help Brian is around here. He is such a great husband and father (a little protective with the pregnancy thing but he was that way when I was pregnant with Mili too).

Okay, enough babbling about our family. I have pregnant brain so it makes me tired to remember what we did last week.

Hugs and Kisses


SLiK said...

At least Mili doesn't want to watch Barney all day long...I had a cousin who would watch Disney movies all day long and had all the lines memorized. I guess kids identify with repetition.

Dawn said...

potty training...this may sound silly, but I let Ryan and now Jacob run around naked as a jay bird! but it worked. You may want to wait till spring or summer for warmer weather, but that's what I did. before that I noticed that Ryan would hide somewhere to go pee. like in a corner or something, then i knew it was time for the potty. Good luck, it is hard work but soo worth it. And I agree, buying diapers for one baby is enough! Have a good one, Love Dawn :)

alice said...

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