Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Beating Heart

Wow.....what a relief to see a beating heart today on the ultra sound. I got a few pictures of Popcorn and he/she is doing great. I feel so much better now. It feels more real to me now that I have seen the heart beat (and the head and body and tiny legs and arms. Popcorn has his/her hand up by his/her face in the pics (cute as a button). I guess only a mother could think that a black and white ultra sound picture is cute, but I do! If you look closely you can see Pocporn's itty bitty fingers (baby is facing down with head to the right, hand is close to face). My next appointment will be February 28th. I will post some other belly pics before that date so you all can see the progress.

We are happy with our ob/gyn office. The people (office staff, nurses, and doctors) are nice and were friendly to Brian and Mili (which is very important to me). This is a family affair and we left a doctor back home in Arkansas for not introducing himself to Brian. I was quick to find another doctor after that. Enough for now. Gotta get Mili a bath and get ready to teach my middle schoolers at church tonight.

Hugs and Kisses!

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Dawn said...

Popcorn looks great! I am sure it was a huge relief. Your not the only one who think those ultrsounds of your gift from God are beautiful...both mine are framed and up! They may not look exactly like a baby but it is God's miracle of life, and how can't that be beautiful. Holly springs is soon to have revival, please pray for us, we all need it. Love all 4 of you, have a great weekend.