Sunday, January 28, 2007

Belly Pics

Here are some belly pics for those of you wanting to see them. I am really not that big yet but all of my clothes are too tight (especially after I eat). I will be wearing maternity clothes during this pregnancy a lot sooner than during my last. It is all fine with me. I love being pregnant, minus the "morning" sickness (still don't know why they call it morning sickness when it seems to come in waves ALL day).

We have such good friends here (good thing since we have no family here). One of my very good friends (who also has had terrible "morning" sickness with her pregnancies) has told me that she would be happy to keep Mili any of the days I don't feel well enough to care for her. We are also trying to get Mili used to the family, and their home, that she will stay at when we have the baby. The family has three teenage girls and one teenage boy and they are such godly people. I have great respect for them. The mother stays home and would be able to take Mili day or night. It has all worked out thus far. Now what happens on the day of delivery is a different story. I thought it would never be possible to have a baby away from our home and have enough support. It just reminds me that God supplies ALL of our needs according to His riches in Heaven. Isn't it great to know that God cares enough about Mili that he wants her to have great care when we are not able to meet those needs for her.

Enough for now. Hugs and Kisses to ALL.


Aunt Peggy said...

Happy Birthday!! You are showing more than last time. You look so cute. Millie is precious.
Love to all,
Aunt Peggy

Dawn said...

Alice, you look great! Thanks for posting some pics, its neat to watch the progress. The pics in your scrapbook of Mili were beautiful too. I am so happy that God has provided you comfort during this time while being away from family. Hope Brian and Mili are getting better. Love Dawn

dad said...

hey your looking good hope the drs. visit went well, your mom said it did. we had to cancel church tonight because of the snow and ice. ya'll wouldn't probably do that up there. everything is covered up here with snow. we didn't get much but you know with these hills here we just come to a stop. see you soon DAD ps. tell mili poppy said hi