Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First here are few pics I wanted to share of the tiny bit of snow (Mili calls it snowman because she has been playing with some stuffed snowmen since before Christmas) and Mili with my heels on (surprisingly she can walk in them). Sorry they are totally unrelated.

We have had a horrible visitor lately. It is called the "Big Fat COLD"!!! Brian and I are tired of wiping a runny nose and listening to a horrific cough. Today has been the first day in a while that I am able to write because Mili has been on me or at my feet 24-7 for a couple of days. Crying every moment I am away or put her down. It has been emotionally exhausting for me (and Brian as well.....he kept Mili on Sunday while I went to church and a meeting following). I am trying to remember what I feel like when I am sick and be sympathetic but it is very hard when I am having waves of nausea (no vomiting.....thank goodness).

I think this may possibly be the worst cold Mili has ever had. The last couple of nights we have put her to bed like any other night and then around 1:00 AM she is up crying and can't go back to sleep so Brian has slept with her in the recliner to keep her upright so she can breath better resulting in all three of us getting better sleep. Unfortunately Brian is now coming down with something similar to Mili's cold and is not happy about it. However, last night was much better with Mili and she only woke up two times and went back to sleep both times. I feel more rested than I have in a very long time. I am not sure if it is the amount of continual sleep without a break or getting more use to the pregnancy thing again, maybe a little of both. These past few days have reminded us again how it feels to be woke up often during the night. We are not looking forward to that part of having a wonderful new life in our home. Even though we talk about the negatives a lot we would sacrifice anything and everything for Mili so we will obviously feel the same about Popcorn (the baby's name until gender is determined).

Speaking of Popcorn.....I get so excited about the new updates I get on email explaining what things are developing on and in the baby. Wow....I forgot how much I enjoyed following the development.

Mili's development is skyrocketing. She recognizes animals and foods in books and can name them or sign them or both. She calls her magnetic letters her "ABC's" and some days they are her "ABCD's". We are working on colors now and she has not quite mastered that yet. Her personality has become much more independent with her decisions to do what I say or not. I will tell her to do something like clean-up or put her cup on the table and I normally get a "NO" first and then I give her the "look" and say MILI very much different from my regular voice and she is usually on her way to doing whatever I asked. She feels very strongly these days about not wearing a bow in her hair while she plays at home. I guess the hair dangling in her eyes doesn't bother her.....It BOTHERS me very much. When we are getting ready to go out somewhere she wants a bow in her hair before we leave. WHATEVER....I have stopped trying to figure out a 19 month old and just try to take care of the things that matter.

I think Mili is going to play some kind of instrument when she gets older. She loves her drums and her xylophone. She prefers to bang the sticks on things other than the drums or xylophone (ie....walls, tv, entertainment center, couch, chairs, table, glass balcony doors, other toys ....you get the picture) and we have had more than words about this act. Many times she just gets her sticks (they are textured) and rubs them together in a very cute, organized fashion.

Well enough about us. Hope all of you are doing well and staying warm. Hugs and Kisses to all.


Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about Mili being sick and now Brian. I so understand. Jacob and Ryan have been sick on and off now for 3 months! Because I teach a sunday school class, Jeremy has missed so much church to stay home with whoever has the fever. It has been so very upsetting. Things here seem to be getting back to normal, hopefully it will there too. It's good to hear you are feeling good despite all the extra stuff going on (on top of being pregnant). I know life is busy but I sure am looking forward to some belly pics, your sister looks like she's got a future Razorback in her belly! Love you guys, have a great week.

dad said...

hey you did get the snow, good for you. How did Mili like it? How about Mary commenting on your blog. I couldn't hardly believe it. by the way I am off both crutches finally and maybe next week out of the boot and back on crutches for a few days, but that is ok as long as I know it is only for a few days. Hope all of you are getting over your colds. see you soon. DAD