Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Surprise Shower for Sadie Beth!!!

Our small group gave us a shower and it was wonderful. We had fruit and veggies (my favorite) and some other snack foods. The cake was huge and very tasty. Hope you can see all Sadie's goodies in the photos above.

We got several sleepers (much needed), several outfits (cute as a button), books, pacifiers, a bear, soft blankie (feels like butter), burp cloths, wash cloths, wall plaque (has my favorite poem on it), gift card, scrapbooking stuff, and a candle for mommy (smile).

Oh, and I almost forgot......
I had to add on the first photo of the diaper bag. It is unisex for Brian. He didn't want to carry a girly bag (Mili's was green gingham with hot pink feathers around the top, her name was also embroidered in hot pink).

I thought something might be up because I had checked the registry at Target and it had some things fulfilled on it. I thought it was odd but didn't think that much about it.

Hope you all enjoy the photos. I just wanted to share what Sadie got at her shower.

PS There is a picture of Sadie (mommy) at 30 weeks below. Scroll down past the venting blog.

Love ya and Good Nite!


LeLe said...

How neat! You can tell Brian is related to Jonathan...anyway, I love the little pink sunglasses! And that's the same blankie that Hannah Jo has that you said looks "like it feels like butta." And it does!

Sooz said...

Awesome surprise! So glad you are surrounded with good Christian friends.

Aunt Peggy said...

Looks like you had a great shower. Aren't surprises fun. You will love that blanket.
I have a gift I need to send. I will try to get it in the mail soon, maybe before Sadie arrives.LOL
I always love the pictures.
Love,Aunt Peggy