Saturday, June 02, 2007

HAPPY B-DAY Mili Bear!!!

Mili had a great day today. She enjoyed ripping into her presents and loved the Dora paper. She also loved getting the envelop from my mom and my sister Erin and Krystal. Her favorite gift was the baby doll stroller. She has friends who have one and she plays with them at their houses. We finally found one at a reasonable price and snatched it up. We had cupcakes instead of cake because Mili doesn't quite understand that they are the same so she won't eat cake but she will eat cupcakes. She ate the whole cupcake, but we stopped at ONE. We took Mili to the Pet Store this evening to look at all the animals. She loves watching the fish and the birds.

I can't believe my "baby" is 2 years old. It makes me happy but then again it makes me sad. She is learning so much and TALKING so much.

I hope the pictures are in some kind of order. If they are not then I apologize but am too tired to fix it. We have had a busy day. I had a shower/brunch this morning. We let Mili open her presents. We went to register for Sadie. We went to the pet store. Enough for me to do in one day and tomorrow is going to be busy as well. I am ready to go to bed but instead I will give Mili a bath and put her to bed.

Love to ALL!!!


LeLe said...

Happy Birthday, Mili! She'll get good practice for little sister with the stroller and baby doll.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she had a great birthday. Everyone says that your kids grow so fast and that when you have a child, your time seems to fly by, but until you actually have a child, you'll never know how true those statements are. It's incredible (and sad )to watch how fast they grow and learn. Hope you and Sadie are feeling well. Say hi to Brian and please keep us all in your prayers as we all start getting ready for VBS, you know how that goes....
Have a blessed week, love you guys,

Shana said...

Happy birthday!!!! I can't believe she's TWO!!! Seems like just yesterday I was admiring those mile long eyelashes in the hospital. *sigh*