Friday, June 08, 2007


My day, yesterday, was ONE OF THOSE days. The day started out with taking Brian to work. Then I needed to go to the bank. I arrived at the bank about 5 minutes before it opened and noticed that I didn't have a pen to do my transaction. So I waited on them to open and asked for a pen. I was outta there quickly. Then I went to Target to pick up a few things we needed. While in Target I got myself breakfast and Mili cried and whined the whole time I was eating because she wanted my milk in the bottle instead of her milk in her cup. It was an "enjoyable" breakfast (hey, but thank God I even got breakfast at all).

We left from Target and went to Kohl's. I had a shirt to return there. I took Mili in and there were no carts with the seat in front for a child so I had to walk her all the way back to the customer service desk for my refund. On the way out of the store she decided that she would try to get loose from me twice. I called her down with a very stern voice and she stopped but she would not stop pulling against me when I had her hand.

Then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a wedding gift. I was going to let Mili take in a new toy she got at Target to keep her busy while I shopped. She was not happy with the way I did things so she through a fit in parking lot before we were to go into the store. Because of her episode I made her leave it in the car. We get into the store and get the gift registry (which by the way only had a few things left that we could afford). We got to the back of the store and Mili needed to go potty. I am frantically looking for the restrooms and had to stop and ask someone (of course, at the front of the store). Running back up to the front of the store now for the potty (Mili went in the potty like a big girl). Then she reminded me that we needed new stickers or a sucker for pee peeing in the big potty. We then went searching for a sucker. Found just the right one and then went on with our shopping extravaganza. I could not find anything that was on the list, on the shelves. I kept this one little guy running downstairs to check all the different things. Ended up after a lot of waiting on him to go back and forth I finally ended up with a serving platter that was about $15 more than what the price was on the list. They gave it to me for the list price and I had a 20% off coupon (fine by me). During all the waiting Mili says her legs hurt. I lifted her up and noticed that the seat was leaving these awful red marks on the back of her legs (almost cutting her). I moved her to the big part of the basket and that was a chore to keep her seated. After paying for the gift we had to wait another 10 minutes or so for gift wrapping (which was free and at this point I didn't have the energy to wrap it).

Upon leaving the store I noticed that there were no cart keepers. So that meant if I didn't want to leave Mili in the car way down the parking lot I had to take her and all the stuff out of the basket and get to the car in one piece. Mili didn't want to hold my hand so when we got the car I let go of her hand long enough to TRY to put the bags in the car so I could put her in. I told her to stay right there and don't move and she kept moving into the other parking space that was empty beside me. During my struggle with her to keep her safe, I still had not been able to get the gift in the car. Next thing I know, someone is pulling into the parking space next to us and looking at me, waiting for me to move. I was so frustrated by this time I wanted to cry. I took Mili by the hand and went to the other side of the car to put in the gift and then back around to the other side to put Mili in. She is now crying and carrying on and I am DONE. That is my saying, "I AM DONE!!!" Mili is learning that means that mommy is no longer doing this (whatever it might be).

After all the errands, and all the crying, and two spankings later we go to pick up Brian for lunch. Mili took a 3 hour nap. When she does not get her sleep she is a grouch (don't know where she got

We had plans last night to go to another church to watch the church baseball team play (three of the guys in our small group are on the team). Brian came home and we were ready to go. We planned to pick up dinner on the way. We get half way there and figure out that we left the directions at home. Between the two of us we thought we could remember enough to get there. We went to pick up our food and my drink was a diet soda, which I hate (good thing I am always prepared and brought a jug of water with us). We made a wrong turn but then turned around and made it to the ball field. During our drive to the field two cop cars passed us and when we arrived at the field they were there.

A little boy at the field had gotten into his mother's car and knocked it out of park. It went backwards down a hill, across a busy street, and then into a deep ditch. He was thrown out of the car (some people say the car door was never shut, regardless he was outside of the car when they found him).

Praise God that he only had a bruise on his knee. He was fine. The cop said to the mother, "Don't worry, he will never do it again." We were very thankful that he was safe. It really put my day in perspective. There are people at children's hospitals everywhere hoping they still have their children and I was upset and frustrated over little bitty things. I am thankful that Mili and Sadie are healthy and that we have a great family.

On a lighter note, Mili loved the playground at the church we went to for the game. We had a great time at the game and came home and crashed. Mili slept until 9:15 this morning. She is usually awake before 7:00 every morning, even if she goes to bed late. She must have played hard last night.

That is enough for ten blogs but just wanted to vent a bit and put things into perspective for everyone. Love to ALL!!


Sooz said...

Goodness..sorry you had such a rough day! Praying today was much better. Sometimes children can really put us to the least that's what my sister says. =) They are a blessing though! So scary about the little boy...ball parks and little kids scare me anyhow because they can be gone from you in a split second.

Anonymous said...

gosh, that was a day and a half you had and lets not forget pregnant on top of it all. I hope the following days are better for you. Glad to hear the boy was okay. And I can see how it put things into perspective for you, God does work good through all things and the little boys incident did that for you. we love you all and hope you have a great week.

Dawn :)