Monday, June 18, 2007

The BLESSINGS are pouring in!!!

I just wanted to share how God has blessed our family recently. We have some friends of ours that are moving to Spain (he is a Navy doctor, who just finished up his residency and she is the stay-at-home mom that we had bible study at her house). She is leaving to go visit her parents and sister (who is expecting her first baby at the first of July) Wednesday morning. Anyway, we will miss them greatly but in the move we have acquired a few blessings. They gave us a crib, a five-point harness car seat (Mili's was fine to use accept it is a three-point which means it has to go over the head, a hassle, and not as safe as the five-point) and a step stool seat for Mili to sit at the table like a big girl (now I don't have to lift her into her booster seat to eat each time....whoooo....hoooooo).

All of the above is enough to be very thankful for but then at church on Sunday another friend (who is also moving) asked if we needed a double stroller. It has one thing that can be fixed easily and then it is ready to use. She said she didn't use it a lot and looks almost new. She will be bringing it to the church for us in the next month or so as she gets things ready for her big move.

Mili decided she would sit in Sadie's seat today. I thought it was a cute picture to share. Mili is getting ready for Sadie to be here. She wants to know why she is not here yet since all of her stuff is arriving.

Since we have no idea if we will have a shower or anything here, this has been a tremendous help. We are blessed to have good friends here. I am thankful for God's protection and provision. It is all so awesome to me.

If you have not read the next post yet, please don't leave it out. It is an important one.

Love to all!!!


Sooz said...

I don't even know your sweet family, but I can't believe you only have 71 days to go before Sadie arrives. I'm so happy that you all are blessed with good Christian friends especially since you are so far from home. Hope they give you guys a diaper shower!

LeLe said...

Love me some free stuff! Glad you got some nice things as give-aways. Those are always blessings!