Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Big Fat VENT!!!

Some of the ladies at church had told me about FREE movies offered in the summer time at this movie theater down the road. These are movies that have run earlier and I think all of them are already out on DVD. Anyway, I thought it would be good to take Mili. Today was Curious George and Mili LOVES Curious George.

This morning we took Brian to work and made sure we arrived early enough to get a ticket (only enough tickets for the amount of seats). I also knew that Mili and I both would need to visit the restroom before we got settled. We went in and got our tickets (no problems). Sadie wanted some popcorn (her nick name before we knew she was a so we stood in line and bought a SMALL popcorn and a SMALL drink. The total came to $10. That is NOT a typo. It was $10. I was in a state of shock. Anyway, we moved on to get back in line to go to the theater for Curious George. At this time I have popcorn in one hand and drink in the other and motioning with my head for Mili to come on and follow Mommy. I get to the guy taking the tickets and he said, "I'm sorry mam we don't allow outside food or drink in the theater." I said, Okay. He said, "I need you to pour out what is in that cup" (talking about Mili's sippy cup). I argued with the guy about it and then he said you can talk with my manager. I said, "Where is he?". By this time I am steaming. For those of you that don't know. Mili does not drink anything except MILK. We have tried every kind of juice and water but nothing compares to her milk, I guess. I argued with the manager for a couple of minutes. I said, "I just spent $10 at your concession stand and you are going to tell me that I can't take in my daughters only way of having a drink. He said, "We have water" (for sell, I am sure it was $5 too). I said, "She doesn't drink water." He tried to tell me that rules are rules and I let him know that I was going into the movie after spending $10. He then proceeded to ask me if I had other food in my bag for Mili. I told him I did not and he finally let me go in (which was the truth).

I plan on writing a letter. That is totally crazy not to let a sippy cup into the theater. I have never heard of such. I was steaming by the time we got in and sat down.

Mili enjoyed the show. A few times she said, "Scare Me". It was only when it got really loud. She sat in my lap the whole time and then cried when we left because she wanted more Curious George.

I will go again, but I will not buy from the concession again. I will not give them one penny of my money if they are going to treat me that way.

I understand that they are trying to make their money from the concession but, COME ON, a sippy cup with MILK in it (which they don't even sell at the concession). Frustrating, very frustrating.

Thanks for listening!!!


LeLe said...

If you hadn't needed the milk, you could have dumped it out in the floor like that one woman did in the airport when security told her she couldn't take it on the flight! That rule and the one at the movie theater is utterly ridiculous. I'm glad you had words with the manager. They rip you off with all the money you spend there on their overpriced food and then won't let you bring in a simple sippy cup. GRRRR.

Sooz said...

That is ridiculous..I'm glad you stood your ground and did not pour it out. I would have demanded my $10 back from their concessions!