Saturday, June 16, 2007

Brian is the BEST Daddy!

Since it is Father's Day, I wanted to let all of you know that the man that I am married to is the BEST father EVER. I love watching Mili and Brian together. It blesses my heart every time I see them interact. Brian is so gentle with our Mili Bear but yet he can be stern when he needs to show her who is boss.

As you all know, Mili has been potty training for about a month and a half now. She is doing remarkable and pee peed in the the public, big potty four times today as we went to the Library and to Wal-Mart today. She has been having only one accident a day for the past week now (poopey is another story, but it will happen on it's own time). Anyway, I say all this to say that Brian has been so supportive of Mili's progress. She wants to call him on the phone when he is at work and she pee pee's on the potty. He makes such a big deal of it and when he is at home or in the store like today when she pee pee's in the potty then he always ask for a high five (something Brian started after he helped her put her stickers on her chart when I was gone to a meeting). Now she wants a high five from me when I finish her sticker chart after each time she uses the potty successfully.

I see how Brian disciplines Mili and then later makes sure she knows that he still loves her. Today I saw Brian get on to Mili and she looked up at him and signed "sorry". It melted his heart because we normally make Mili do that after she gets in trouble but she did it without us prompting her. She has a special relationship with Brian (I don't think Mili will be too jealous of ME with Sadie but I do think it will be a different story with sharing her DADDY'S time). At night Mili wants to sit with Daddy before she goes to bed. That is a nightly ritual. She also wants Daddy to tuck her in (that includes kisses and hugs, putting her in bed, kissing and hugging her baby she sleeps with, and covering up baby and Mili, making sure no toes are showing).

Today we were out a lot and had lots of shopping to do at Wal-Mart and Brian kept her occupied by playing games with her while she was in the cart. He also took her to the playground today and spent time with her doing puzzles at the Library today. At home today he played in the floor with her and she loved it. She said, "FUN DADDY, FUN".

Every morning when Brian leaves for work, Mili says,"hugs daddy, and kisses". Sometimes Brian has to hug and kiss two or three times before he gets out of the house. He never complains about doing that, in fact, I think he secretly LIKES it.

Brian is very good about helping me with Mili. The other day he gave me a break by bathing Mili (so my big belly self didn't have to bend over the tub). He feeds her often and tries to let me go out of the house and have some time to myself (even if it is just to buy groceries).

Brian and Mili have little things that they do together. The newest thing is he would lift up her arm and say, "Is there something under there?" Then he would tickle her under her arm. She laughs until she gets the hiccups (inherited from her Daddy, I don't know anyone else who gets the hiccups from laughing). Today she said while lifting her arm up and looking under it, "Daddy sumpin' unner-nere?" Then she just waited on Brian to tickle her. This was one of the games they played during our trip to get groceries today.

At church each Wednesday night (I teach middle school class) Brian takes Mili to class and many times picks her up from class. Right now Brian also knows it is very hard for me to maneuver Mili on my lap (since there is not much of one) so he holds her in public places and takes care of her more than most Daddy's I see. Brian also straps Mili into her car seat every time we are together in the car.

Brian is always concerned for me and the baby when I am pregnant. He wants to make sure I am drinking enough water and that everything is okay. Today as we walked to the Library he said he didn't like for me to walk on the sidewalk closest to the cars. After we got home from Mili playing on the playground and walking to the Library, Brian said, "You should probably put your feet up and relax for a while." He was cleaning up the kitchen when he said that.

All these things may seem small to some of you but they are HUGE in my world. It helps me so much to know that I have a man that loves me and loves Mili (and Sadie) enough to do anything for us. He is the BEST Daddy EVER!! I am so glad God chose Brian for me (and Mili and Sadie).

Brian, YOU ROCK!!!! You ARE the BEST Daddy EVER (and!!!! I am so glad you are the Father of my children. I couldn't be more blessed!!!! I LOVE you SUPERMAN!!!! Hope YOUR day is GREAT!!!


LeLe said...

My daddy used to play the underarm game with me too. He would ask if Grover (from Sesame Street) or Oscar the Grouch was "unner-nere" and then tickle the snot out of me. I simultaneously hated and loved it. And I think I got the hiccups too when I laughed too hard.

Sooz said...

Great are blessed!

DAD said...


Mom B said...

Mom said...
Dad did show the boys how to be good dads. He always loved feeding them and he would play with them from the time they came home from the hospital. It took him a while to treat me as good, but when he learned he practiced every day to make my life a little easier. Even with the boys being grown, I find he still works on being a good dad. Empty nest has not stopped his care for me. If anything he inproves with age. I am blessed indeed. I am proud of who Brian is, and so glad you share his life. Love you all lots.