Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Little Creativity and A Moving Box

The other day Mili asked me if we could make a rocket. I said, "No, Mommy doesn't know how to make a rocket, sweetie!" That answer was not good enough for my little strong willed child so she went and started looking for boxes. She came out of her room with a tiny box and started trying to make a rocket (that she was suppose to fit in). I felt sorry for her and went to the storage room and got a big box and started cutting away. We worked on that thing for an hour or so, decorating and all. She has spent hours playing in her rocket.

Enjoy the pictures of her in her creation.

A Frisbee serving as a steering wheel!

The bottom of a drum makes a great Astronaut helmet.

A working door, with door handle.

Proud of her creation and it had to have a flag.


I LOVE being Mili's Mommy. It makes my heart happy to have moments like these with her. Hoping for many more creative moments in the future with my sweeties.
Love to ALL and Miss YOU GUYS in MD!!!!


Dawn said...

Boxes are so much fun for kids. They seem to draw atention to all kids for some reason. And we parents can't beat a free toy:)

Mellie said...

What fun! I know you both had a ball making her rocket ship! That was a special day with Mommy for her :)

Shana said...

Oh my!!!! She is one creative little girl and please tell her that is THE BEST homemade rocket I have ever seen. Considering you've never made one before, Alice, I think you helped create an incredible rocket.

Sooz said...

That is one great rocket!