Friday, October 17, 2008

I Smell FOOTBALL in the Air!!!!

Oh how I forgot how GOOD it feels to be sitting on hard, cold bleachers with the smell of the crisp, fall air at a football game. I absolutely LOVE it. For those of you who don't know me or don't know about my past, I spent every Thursday night during Junior High school and every Friday night during High School in the football stands in many different towns through the five years Brian played football. It was like a second home for me.

Tonight was Mili and Sadie's first Friday night football game. My niece, Victoria, is on the dance team at her school (I will not mention her school name for safety reasons.....I believe in keeping our children safe from predators online). Anyway, she was so beautiful and did a FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, FANTABULOUS job tonight. We were SO happy to finally see her show off her dance moves (by the way the other girls did GREAT too but we are a LITTLE partial to our Victoria).

Here are some pictures from tonight!
Isn't she just BEE-A-UTIFUL!!!! Mili getting her hugs I promised she would get from Victoria. Thanks for coming into the stands to see us Victoria.....Mili would have been heart broken if we had to leave without a hug.
Looking at me because I kept yelling at her like an idiot!!! I am known to have a loud microphone needed here.
In ACTION during the game. She is the one on the very end to the far right.
Halftime show.....It was WONDERFUL!!! Great Job, Victoria!!!
Sadie spent most of her time fighting over Uncle Jon or Aunt Aimee's laps with Nater!
You see she won out in most cases or at least got to share the lap.
Our little cheerleaders in the stands. Isabella and Mili were copying the cheerleaders moves.
As the night went on it got colder and colder and Mili was COLD by the time we left. Her and Isabella decided to hog the blanket.
We had a GREAT night!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you Victoria. You did a GREAT job tonight!!!!!

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LeLe said...

Love the photos! Victoria is becoming such a beautiful young woman--not that she wasn't to begin with. She just gets more beautiful each year!