Monday, October 20, 2008


I just put down the book "Red Letters- Living a faith that bleeds", by Tom Davis. It has taken me a very long time to read this book but considering all of the interruptions of moving across country, starting a part time job and taking care of a 3 and 1 year old the other days of the week. The important thing here is that I FINISHED it and it has CHANGED my life forever (and hopefully the future of many orphaned children as well).

For those of you who have yet to read the book. You MUST!!! (you can purchase Red Letters at Tom Davis' blog). It is an easy read on the eyes but very tough on the heart. As I was engrossed in this great book all I could see were the children roaming the streets in Honduras. Most of the children I saw there HAD families and at least ONE meal during that day but I now realize there are many more all over this world that don't even have THAT. I am trying to wrap my mind around it (I think my heart is already there.....for most of you that know me that is not surprising). My heart usually does "arrive" in every situation first. I am working now on what my mind needs to help my heart do with the information I now have from this book (and the Bible....this is a Bible based book with many scriptures). I am currently working on a "project" that could change how much money we could give to Children's HopeChest and to other organizations such as clean water, heifer project and many many more.

Blogger Friends PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this "project". That EVERYTHING will fall into place the way it needs to so I can get started on it! More to come on that after more things are in play!!!!

I want to BLEED..... with my finances, with my family, with my time, and with everything I do. Sacrifice is the key word here, my friends. I have started thinking about each purchase I make and thinking "how many people could have clean water if I don't buy this and donate the money instead". Another question that crosses my mind often is "how many people could have medication that would keep them alive if I don't buy this and donate the money instead". I realize that we can go too far thinking this way and I tend to be an ALL or NOTHING kind of girl so the balance will be hard for me but it is worth a shot to help those that don't have all the luxuries we have EVERYDAY. What am I talking about....LUXURIES???....NO, lets just say FOOD, WATER, get the picture!!!

Please join with me in this fight with myself....because really it comes down to selfish, human nature and we give in most of the time because we have the money and it is easy, but we could save a life if we just think about what we are doing and change our spending habits a bit.

I LOVE all of my blogger friends out there. Please don't forget to shoot up a prayer for me this week as I struggle with the balance of everything I have taken in and the "project" that could change many lives.

Love to ALL!!! More to come on this......


Shana said...

Alice, I hear you. That's more than JUST a book. I think my friends may be tired of hearing me say, "Yeah we *could* get that but how many orphans could we feed if we don't?" Sacrifice and finding the balance... and the realization that our "sacrifices" will still result in luxurious living compared to so many of the world's orphans, children, and hurting. I hear you. I hear you. And I will continue to pray for you as you navigate this path. Please also pray for me. Thank you for being willing to work on the project you've been led to tackle. *HUG*

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet Alice!! Do I know anything about this "project"? :-)
Prayers for you and your "project"
You sound great and busy as ever. We're doing ok out here too.
Miss you much.
Michelle De Giorgi

sue said...
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