Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Most of you all can remember my post around Christmas time about Brian's mom's side of the family giving our "dirty santa" money ($10 each) to Heifer International.

I wanted enough to get a Goat ($120). Well, God provided enough for TWO Goats ($240). Isn't that awesome. You can NEVER out give God. He proves to be in control ALL the time.

I am sorry I am late on posting about this but life has been a little crazy around here. We are so thankful for the TWO Goats but not nearly as thankful as the family that receives them or whole community that will be forever changed by them.

To think that that $10 would have been used for something that we may or may not have used and would have eventually become useless and surely nothing that would be life changing like a pair of GOATS!!!

God is GOOD ALL the time!

Hugs and Kisses!!!


Shana said...

and ALL the time, God is good!

*smooch* there is nothing as amazing as watching God work. Talk about being humbled, knocked on your bum, and realizing just how BIG He is.

Thank you for sharing this praise!

Sooz said...

How awesome! I wish they sent pictures of the families that receive them, but wow God is so good. He is truly blessing all of us!