Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back at ya Superman!!!


Here are some things that make our relationship special.
These are in no special order and there are many many more but time and brain power are limited :)

  • I LOVE YOU MORE (this can go on for days)

  • I can't find my pantyhose (the words that came out of my mouth before walking down the aisle on our wedding day-You saved the day by finding and bringing me my pantyhose, however, I would have walked down the aisle barefoot to marry the love of my life.


  • Saying Goodnight and parting for the last time at night NEVER to have to do it again (minus a few business trips and a mission trip)


  • Moving to another town (while our car was broke down) within the first 6 months of our married lives together to find out that God wanted us there and used us in many peoples' lives including several salvation experiences for Christ.

  • KEEPER OF THE STARS (song at our wedding) I do thank the keeper of the stars for putting us together

  • I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH (-) inherited from Brian's parents

  • Seeing two pink lines (twice) and giggling in my parents' guest bedroom bed at 4:30 in the morning after testing, knowing that we were the only ones that knew we were pregnant and having that perfect timing to be able to share with the whole family at a Sunday dinner before we flew back home to MD.

  • ALPHA-BRAVO-CHARLIE (it means nothing but to us it is our password for when conversation is out of control or can be damaging to the girls or makes us crack up every time one of us says it).

  • Natural childbirth......what a great way to get as close as possible to you. I have never felt more intimate with you than during my labor with Mili (and Sadie but that is a whole other story). You were the PERFECT coach.

  • THE CALM LOOK have this look that can calm me in any circumstance (including our crazy birth experience with Sadie). If you had not been by my side for that experience I am sure the doctor would have had to put me under.

  • DADDY....It gets me gushy when I hear Mili call you Daddy with such enthusiasm. I am so glad you are my babies daddy.

  • Let me take her.....the best words that come out of your mouth after a long day with the girls and I just need a short break from them.

  • Go take a bath.....the second best words you say after "Let me take her" :)

  • MOVING TO ANOTHER STATE....changing everything we have ever known to move to another location was tough but I can do anything with you by my side. We have not only survived but we are blooming where God has planted us.

  • Anywhere but Africa....We have always joked about where we were willing to go, but if God called us to Africa I believe you would take our family there....Praise God for a godly husband and father.

  • WAIT, MOMMY AND DADDY ARE TRYING TO TALK.....if we didn't have to say this it would mean that you didn't give me the most precious things in our life....Mili and Sadie (as she screams right now:)

  • Brake, Brake....when you would be driving in front of me and tap your brakes twice to warn me of potholes in the road...I love the way you protect me! I am smiling right now (ok, with a small tear or two) thinking of how many trips we made back and forth to church doing this.

  • HOW MUCH? (in sign language or spoken) We asked each other this question and still do each time there is a love offering at church for something. We are amazingly close...within $5 of each other each time.
  • I love you to the moon and back (from the book "Guess How Much I Love You")
  • A MILLION KISSES (something we started with Mili when we wanted her to kiss us)

I have the best life ever.


Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father. I love you more than words can say!

Happy Valentine's Day




Chelle said...

Oh, I loved these two posts to each other. Too sweet!

LeLe said...

Y'all make me sick. Just kidding. :) Loved it.

Sooz said...

Awww so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Alice, I could not have order made you in better. I'm so glad God picked you out for my Brian. I wanted you both to experience love like Dad and I share. You make it so easy for him to be king of his castle(ok small apartment). You know what I mean. I love you. Mom

Shana said...

I love your transparency in your love for each other. Makes me all sniffly.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Our fam has been sick, so it's been a minute since I checked out your blog, but you 2 are the sweetest!
Your posts for each other made me cry!
God did an awesome job (as ususal) putting you two together.

Dawn :)