Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mili's Prayer

Mili has started praying in the last few months. As most of you know, kids prayers are the sweetest thing that falls on ones ears (especially if it is your child...all smiles).

Tonight as I put Mili to bed she clasped her hands, spit out the paci so God can hear her (or so Mommy can hear...another smile) and started with her sweet prayer to God.

"Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Sadie and blessings (always in a whisper, don't know why) and church and all my friends in classroom and thank you for muffins and spiderman party (James, her buddy is having a spiderman birthday party soon) Amen."

Mommy: (with tears) I am sure God is happy to hear from you tonight, He always likes it when we talk to him.

Mili: Yeah Mommy is He in heaven?

Mommy: Yes baby He lives in heaven.

Mili: And Jesus too?

Mommy: Yes baby

Mili: That way up, up, up high in the sky?

Mommy: Yes baby it is.

Mili: I want Jesus to have a slide.

Mommy: Why? (couldn't wait to hear this one)

Mili: He need to slide down and eat some muffins with me.

Oh my, Jesus must really like Him some muffins or Mili just wants Him to like muffins as much as she does.

Just wanted to share my fabulous night with all of you!

(forgive me for any misspelled word I may have missed, the spell check is not working)


LeLe said...

So sweet. You must make some good muffins...

Sooz said...

I love all the post that involve Mili and her love of Christ. It is so special!

Chelle said...

Oh, I love this one! Yes, kids' prayers are too sweet. Jesus has to get the biggest kick out of them!

Mellie said...

That is precious! I always love your posts with Mili's conversations :)