Monday, March 30, 2009

Vacation Moments

We went on vacation to Branson, MO. We had originally planned to take the girls to Silver Dollar City but it was rainy (and snowy) so we just did inside activities most of the time we were away.

We arrived on Thursday and decided to take advantage of the slightly warmer weather and go to the Branson Landing Mall. They had a playground there. My children can sniff out a playground miles away.
Mili and Sadie both enjoyed the playground. It was for small children (although there are always the ones that break the rules) but they had a great time.

Mili is slow to warm up with many things. She likes to scope everything out before she tries anything.

Sadie on the sidelines for the first little bit. It did not last for long.

Mili warmed up fast and was soon zooming down the slide (with her arms high in the air). So carefree!!!

Mili is still Maryland at heart. She picked the crab to play on first. I LOVE it!!! She also picked out a crab decoration for her Crocs.

Sadie finally made it on site and I am not so sure Mili is happy about it.

Mili was blinded by the glare off the clouds.

At the Bass Pro Shop store. There are fish behind her.

Mili in the same spot.

At Branson Landing we did Build-A-Bear Workshop. Mili has been asking me to do this since we moved back to AR since there is one in the mall here.
This is Mili 's bear pre-suffing.

Mili pushing the pedal to fill her bear with stuffing.

Making sure it has enough stuffing.

Picking out the heart for her bear.

Sadie's bear getting it's stuffing.

Sadie putting in her bear's heart.

I think this is my FAVORITE picture of the whole vacation. Mili is too cute letting her true emotions out in this photo. She is giving her and Sadie's bears a "bath" (blowing all the excess fur off).

Sadie with her bear "Fluffy".

Mili with her bear "Cinderella" wearing a ballerina outfit.

We brought the tent for the girls to sleep in BUT that did not work. So Sadie slept with me and Mili with Brian. They did enjoy it while it was up.

We went to the new NOAH Musical and it was worth every penny. It was a great play with ginormous sets and lots of live animals. The cast and animals go up and down the aisles. It was a terrific show for the girls. They stayed engaged the whole 2 1/2 hours. It has a great message comparing the story of the flood to accepting Jesus as your Savior. It was GREAT and the set was HUGE (did I already say that?). We could not take pictures during the production so I hope you enjoy the pictures I got of the lobby and outside.

This is the screen it covers the whole stage and is used to describe some of the story prior to Noah.

This was above the box office.

Inside the lobby.

This is a small replica of the stage. We were in the left section, aisle seats on the 12th row.

Outside the Noah Musical (Sight and Sound Theater)

We went to a dinosaur museum. I did not think it was worth the money but we got our time in at the fossil dig. Both girls would have stayed there for hours if we let them.

Our little DINO!

At the IMAX theater we saw an under the sea movie. The girls really LOVED this. Mili and Sadie both enjoyed the other activties offered in the lobby of the IMAX. We did this going into the theater and coming out.

Sadie is ready for the AR mosseyers. I have been so frustrated with AR drivers since returning from MD.

Mili wanted to sit in this LOVE seat. We didn't turn it on but the outcome is very predictable.

The outcome was defiantly true some of the time. They had their moments but if we consider they had no nap or very little nap most days they were very good little girls.

Mili and Mommy enjoyed some fingernail pampering at the hotel. I bought these before we left AR and surprised Mili with them. We had fun doing this.

Hope you enjoyed the recap of our vacation. We made memories for a lifetime. Memories are my favorite part of vacations as a family.
Hope this helps you Aunt Norma. Hope it makes you miss us enough to come back and visit soon.


Alex and Jill said...

Girls are so much fun...I need one. :) I have been wanting to go to the Noah musical...I've heard great things about it. The pics are great!


Melanie said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Last time I went to Branson, I was a bit underwhelmed with it all. I went mostly for shopping and the outlets are not as good as they used to be (in my opinion anyway!). But I was pregnant at the time, so I didn't see it through a kid's view of it. It looks like so much fun! We will definitely have to take Rachel there when she gets a bit older. Mili is looking like such a big girl! Your girls are beautiful :)

Oh, and I would have never thought to try the tent thing, but that's an awesome idea for kids having to sleep in a hotel room!