Monday, March 23, 2009

SPRING is on it's way...

SPRING is probably my favorite time of year. The look of the sun is so different and it feels different too. Nothing better than some Spring sunshine on my face. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Not to mention my toes get come out to say hello. I am a flip flop queen so when the toes get to come out for longer than one or two days, I am a happy camper (right now, still wearing my crocs with fur).

We are on spring break this week and have planned a trip to Branson, MO (one of the places Brian and I like to visit for mini vacations). The hotels are cheap and there are so many things to do for families there. This will officially be our first family vacation (not counting the Ocean City beach trip before Sadie came along). We are getting excited at the thought of seeing the girls in a new place with lots to do and Mommy can't wait to SHOP!

In other news, Our church is having a Community Egg Hunt with over 1,200 eggs to stuff. We are stuffing those Wednesday night at our monthly meal. This was always so fun for us at the church we were (still are) members of in Maryland. So I thought we should do it to, on a much smaller scale. Our church has about 50 regular members but is one of the most giving churches you will EVER see.

In the next few weeks I will be covered up with getting everything prepared for the Egg Hunt. It is going to be a GREAT day (please pray for good weather April 4th). I can't wait to see who God brings to the hunt and who's hearts will be touched by His Spirit. It has been so fun preparing for this day so far. I am trusting that it will bring BIG things to our church.

After the Egg Hunt we will be getting geared up for Vacation Bible School (one of my FAVORITE times of the summer). We hope to be having a block party to kick it off on the Saturday before VBS starts. I am in the planning process for that as well. Lots of things going on at our church right now.

Aunt Norma, Sorry there are no pictures on this post but you can bet there will be vacation pictures, egg hunt pictures, and Easter pictures on here soon. We love you and miss you a lot!! HUGS from AR to NC!!!

I hope things are going GREAT for all my blog buddies out there and all my GBC family. We miss you and LOVE you guys dearly. More details to come on when we will be visiting in August.

Love to ALL!!!


Alex and Jill said...

Egg hunts are so much fun...I'll be praying for those that God sends to your church through that event. Have fun in Branson!! I just got home from there. :)


Meredith said...

Sounds like you are doing a lot for your church there. That is so great. Any church is lucky to have you and your family.