Monday, March 09, 2009

My Pants are SO on Fire......

I am such a LIAR! I apologize for my delay in updating everyone about our endeavors. We are doing well here in our house (FINALLY). Well......I guess we are well. Speaking of fire in my title, Sadie has a cough that sounds like a smoker's cough. She has had this chronic cough since October. We have tried almost everything under the sun to try to get the cough to stop. It wakes her in the night, it wakes us in the night and NOTHING wakes Mili in the night. We are now on asthma medication to see if that will help. She has had x-rays and blood tests done to rule out anything serious (so we hope anyway). It is very tiring for the family and for poor Sadie Beth. I just want her to feel normal again. Please pray for her.

Sadie Beth is learning SO much. She is trying to talk some now but signs almost everything she needs. She has taught her teachers at Mother's Day Out what she wants through her signs. They ask me about new signs all the time. She is picking up so much and understands EVERYTHING these days. It is so cool to see her grow but sad at the same time. She is my baby and yet she is quickly approaching two years old. I don't think I can stand it. She is still a little spitfire. If you are around her there is never a concern of what her feelings might be at the present time, they will be written ALL over her face! (I think she might end up being an interpreter for the Deaf....heehee).

Mili is growing like a weed and learning so much. She has mastered all of her preschool skills for her age group (very early on in the school year.....September to be exact). A little brag from a HAPPY Mommy of a very SMART girl. She still surprises me (not in a good way) with some of her motor skills (not sure if she is just plain clumsy like her mother) and keeping her emotions in check (could be inherited from Mommy as all the bad things come from me????). Anyway we are VERY proud of her accomplishments and her behavior at school (she only goes two days a week.....and tends to save the majority of behavioral issues for

Brian is totally enjoying his job. He LOVES to be a work (not sure what that says about me?) He also LOVES being with his family and spending time with us on the weekends. Our weekends are filled with family fun at home or out and about. We SO LOVE being a family. It is much better than we had ever hoped it would be. (Listening to poor Sadie cough as we speak....please pray for her).

I am doing GREAT. Working part time has helped us pay off some debt and hopefully will help us get into a house soon. We are, however, happy with the apartment we live in. It is close to everything and it is great to hop in the car and be where we need to be in no longer than fifteen minutes (most places are five minutes or shorter away.....that is "the life" for a shopper like myself).

I hope all of you are doing great too (if anyone still reads my blog since I have not updated in so long). I would tell you that pictures will follow soon but you all know that is probably a lie so I will will follow.......

Love to ALL!!!


Alex and Jill said...

As always, love seeing a new post. :)

I'll be praying for your baby girl's cough to go away soon...bless her heart.

Thank you for your encouragement and're a sweetheart.


Meredith said...

So glad to hear things are going well!!! I am so happy for you.