Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Letter to Sadie Beth 1 Year

My Sadie Beth turned One Year Old on Monday but we will not have her party until Saturday. Pictures will follow the party.

Dear Sweet Sadie Beth,

We have enjoyed this year with you. We are so happy that God gave you to us.

You are a true SPITFIRE in every way!!! (not sure where you got FULL PASSION from, in EVERYTHING you

You are eating everything you can get you hands on and loving food right now.

You love Gerber Graduates Crunchies......they are by far your favorite and will turn down everything else for them...even your bottle.

You are not fond of the transition from formula to whole milk but it will just take time like your sister.

You do not like your cup right now but it will get better the more you drink from it.

You love to roam the are defiantly our free-bird child.

You are trying to take some steps on your own now.

Walking around furniture is a cinch to you these days.

You LOVE the theme song to the Backyardagins.

You HATE HATE HATE your play pen and are not too fond of your walker......can we say free-bird again.

You are signing eat, more, milk, please, I love you, bath, night-night, and daddy.

You are sleeping like a big girl in your crib in your room shared with Mili.

You sometimes don't make it until nap time and you fall asleep in your play pen.....this is not the case if you are free to roam.

I love the way you put you hands on my throat and hum....wanting me to hum so you can feel the have done this since you were old enough to touch my throat.

I love your toothy grin with your cute little dimple.

Your laugh always makes me laugh.

You now have 4 teeth showing and more on the way.

I love to hear you crunch your Crunchies with your gums.

I love the way you smack your lips when you hear me say kisses.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you sign I LOVE YOU when I say it or sign it to you.....melts Mommy's heart...ahhhh.

I love the way you hug your baby dolls and stuffed animals when I say LOVE the baby.

I love the way you hold out your hands for someone to pick you up. Everyone says it is irresistible and I agree, of course.

I love the way you hold out your arms to hug Mili.

I love the way you pat me when I pick you up....not to mention the huge smile on your face too.

Happy 1st Birthday Sadie Beth, Sadie Bug, Punkin, Punkie

I could never list all the ways I love you but these are just a few.
I love you all the way to the moon and back and then some. I am so glad God gave you to me.


Anonymous said...

A year already?!? Wow time flies!
Happy birthday little one!


Sooz said...

I can't believe she is 1 already. A year goes by way too fast. Happy Birthday Sadie Beth!

Dawn said...

She is too sweet and cute(if that's possible) and I have enjoyed spending some time with her in the nursery. She is such a smart little girl and did I mention she is too sweet and cute?

Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounds like quite an "adventure." Like how I put adventure in ""s?

We're so glad you arrived safely, and our life group is praying for you guys!

Shana said...

Oh so sweet! Sorry she's been sick for you lately. Is she all better now?

Happy Birthday to you, Brian, and Mili!