Thursday, September 04, 2008

HAPPY 20th Superman!!!!!!!

See how HAPPY we are after 20 years together!!!!

We started "dating" 20 years ago today and we are still dating (we are WAY older than we look, of course). Don't ever stop dating your mate, it is very important!

Mili took this picture while we were still living in MD. I think it was Easter Sunday. We may have a future photographer in our house.

PS. I still like to sit in Brian's lap.

Love to you ALL!!!
Hugs and Kisses GBC Family!!! We still miss you!!


Dawn said...

I think it's great you all remember the date you started dating, we do too:) You are sooo right, keep dating and keep things fresh, marriage is NOT a death sentence as some people seem to think, it's a beautiful, wonderful adventure with your best friend. Congrats you guys on 20 years.

Meredith said...

That is so awesome!

Shana said...


Sooz said...

You are so right about dating your mate. It keeps the marriage alive and the friendship strong. We have a date night every week even if its just a drive around town and ice cream cone. Its so important!
Congrats to you and Brian!

Michelle said...

HI Alice!! Congrats on 20 years!! Miss you much.
Today it's 6 yrs for me and Massimo.
Sounds like you all are getting into a groove. How is mom's morning out going??
Praying for you,