Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kmart Ku-tees (heehee)

I am sorry blog world. I have not been good about keeping everyone up to date about our family recently. I will try to do better. This is not the blog entry you want to see if you are waiting on the story about how our move went. I want to wait until I have some time to sit and type that uninterrupted (oh, that may be never....remember I have a 3 year old and an almost one year old on the move).

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys in on my marvelous finds at Kmart. We went to Kmart yesterday in search for something else and FOUND some wonderful clothes for the girls. The girls were a tad bit fussy last night while we were shopping so I decided to take them back with me today to search for all the good bargains I could find.

You tell me if you think it is a bargain. I got 11 outfits and 4 shirts for under $40 (that is.... COUNT THEM 26 items.......WOW)

Here is what I got....CUTE....HUH!!! (everything looks cute on my girls anyway........AHHH a mother's love)

Stay Tuned for The Moving Story.......


Shana said...

For new stuff that's a STEAL! Now that you're back in the warm South you'll have ample opportunity to wear out those before winter hits. :)

Dawn said...

I have never ever shopped at K-Mart...I think I may need to start. I always try and catch out of season clothes on sale, buy them a size or 2 bigger and put them up for the next year.
I am glad your back to blogging, I don't know what's wrong with you, it's not like you have anything to do...ha!
It's been great seeing you guys at church and I am praying for Mili's adjustment.

Michelle said...

#1) love a bargain
#2) cute stuff!
#3) YOU'RE BAAAACK! Yaaay!

patrice said...

Very cool stuff. I hope things are going good for you. Is Mili adjusting well?