Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Science with Daddy

Daddy and Mili went on a date the other day. They brought back some stuff to plant flowers. Daddy is starting early to help Mili appreciate science. Mili looks out the window several times a day to see if they are growing. She wants to water them constantly.

Mili had to have her hat on so she could be like Daddy.

Watering EVERYTHING was her favorite part!

Sadie was enjoying the weather.

Getting a little dirty

Not sure we like being dirty

Talking to the seeds to help them grow faster.

Still waiting for a leaf to appear.

Poseing for crazy picture taking Mommy.

Thanks Daddy for a great day!!!!


Mellie said...

What a sweet activity and a fun science lesson! :) Mili's age is such a fun one!

LeLe said...

That's too sweet that she wanted to wear a hat like Daddy.